Custom Requests

Custom requests are welcome. Contact Rawls-Riley Creations about making something for you or someone special at 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

Custom Fleece

Fleece head-wear is ideal for staying warmer. Some of the custom requested fleece headwear include the following.

Perfect Thing to Add

Karen saw us at the Decatur Celebration and was happy to learn about the available sizes in the head-wear. The black and white plaid newsboy was the versatile hat she wanted along with the fluorescent orange beanie.

She liked the beanie so well, she got back to get one in two colors for game days.

Press here for the newsboy hats and here for the beanie caps.

Seeking a special look to your hat? Rawls-Riley Creations can make one for you, too.

“Hey Becky,  thanks so much for my Greenbay Packer’s Hat.  I LOVE IT…I LOVE IT!!!  The pinwheel was the perfect thing to add to it!  Here is a picture as I promised!!!!  At some point I am sure that I will be back in touch to have you create another hat for me.  Enjoy your thanksgiving and….thanks again!!!”

Karen W-R

East Peoria IL

Team Pride and Warmth

While at the Cornstock in Garnett KS, Sandy saw the baby caps and got one for the new grandbaby. The dad takes it bicycling every morning, so the cap would keep its little head warm on the cooler mornings. With team colors in orange, dad had to have a cap, too. She ordered the custom, band cap for him. Two days later, she called to get the orange ear warmer added to the request.

Press here to see available band style beanie fleece caps and here to see available ear warmers.

Sandy C

Hiawatha KS

I was searching the internet for “orange fleece hats” because my husband & I like to hike – even during hunting season… We thought your hats looked “visible,” warm & stylish.” Not seeing the sizes she needed, Brenda sent her request for a pair of long hats and a cloche hat in orange.

The custom hats were created and dropped in the mail. Upon getting notice that the hats were on the way, she commented, “Thanks for the prompt service!”

It was so nice to receive the picture she took of her husband while they were out hiking. He looks so nice in his orange hat.

Press here to see the fleece hats in the long style and here for the cloche style.

Brenda D

Wenatchee WA

I'd Like Four More

In 2018, Brenda reached out again and requested four new fleece hats.

Even with all the offerings on the Internet; it was the Google search for ear warmers that got her close. She dashed off an email, “Hello, I was interested in getting a ear warmer and if you can a scarf. I would like it in a rainbow pattern with primary colors. Please let me know thank you…. Lola.”

Certainly. After selecting the material and refinements on the scarf design, the project was a go and she shared that, “It’s been hard to find cold weather items  in a rainbow pattern.”

Once they were completed, I took a picture to share and dropped them in the mail and she replied, “Awesome, they look great. Can’t wait to get them. Pleasure doing business with you.”

Press here for the rainbow stripe ear warmers and here for all the fleece ear warmers.

Lola M

Jackson MI

Fleece Head-wear

Take a look at the fleece head-wear to get an idea of available styles for your custom request. In addition to seeing available fleece, many of these listings include sold archives and stories about other custom requests that some of our other customers have gotten. Fleece head-wear is popular when you need to stay warm. Fleece is available in a wide range of colors and prints.

Still not seeing your size or need something special in fleece? Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] with your request.

Press here to learn how to measure your head. It will help in selecting the best size for you or to give as a gift.


Newsboy hats with an extra full, draping crown and soft, bill that helps avoid pesky sun glare. These extremely flexible, newsboy caps may be worn in many ways and then simply crunched for quick stowing in a pocket or coat sleeve. The packable, newsboy hats squeeze into a suit case, too. They always retain their original shape. Easy, throw in the wash with other clothes and no iron care makes this newsboy hat a nice addition to any active life-style. Sizes include:


The cloche hat was created in 1908 as a fitted, bell-shaped hat. This updated hat has a full, 2″ brim and a large flower. Being 100% fleece, it is a warm hat that easily folds to fit in a pocket, won’t get ruined from a bit of rain or snow and can be pulled down over the ears to keep them out of a cold winter’s wind. Our cloche hats are also very comfortable as well as functional. Sizes include:


Beanie caps made from 100% fleece are simple and have different styles. A band style beanie will have a double thickness of fleece along the bottom of the cap making it a good cooler weather cap when you need a bit more over your ears. The non-band style beanie cap is made with a double thickness of fleece throughout the entire cap. Flower style beanies have a big flower on their band. Sizes include:


Long style fleece hats are perfect for keeping warm. Think of these long hats as a beanie cap that has been lengthened. These long hats have 2 layers of warm fleece that may be worn with the last few inches rolled up for extra warmth on cold days or left unrolled for a more baggy look. Sizes include:

Ear Warm

Ear warmers provide ear protection while leaving the crown of your head open. These ear warmers are made with a double layer of 100% fleece making them soft and warm. Easy care makes these ear warmers ideal for cooler and even some of your colder days. Sizes include:

Custom Do Rags and Hair Bag® Do Rags

Do rags, with absorbent sweatband and hat-like feel, is practical head-wear and with the addition of a pocket for long hair, the hair bag® do rags are, too. Some custom requests include the following.

Desert Scrub with Embroidered Sides

Replacement Scrub

Dr. Wright served three tours of duty in Afghanistan and his surgery cap was really still a favorite. He asked to get a do rag in a desert camouflage as a replacement and wanted it to have similar lettering on both sides. While he had gotten some of the ready-to-wear do rags for his work, he really preferred to have no tail on this custom, scrub cap replacement. After selecting the unique, ripstop material in a Desert Storm camouflage print; the project was underway.

Dr. Bennie W

Cleveland MS

Gift Scrubs

With the holiday approching, Bennie’s sister-in-law called to get three more custom scrubs as gifts. She shared he really liked the elastic along the back.

While at the Kansas Garden Show, Deanna N made a request for a custom, batik, hair stocking® do rag. Her thank you email reads …

Hi Becky,

My hat arrived on Tuesday and I’m very pleased with it, thank you.  The way you laid out the sections with the colors is quite attractive.  Nice job.  I look forward to seeing you again.



Deanna N

Topeka KS

Flourescent Yellow Do Rag

"See Me Now" Do Rag

It was February 2015, at the Park City Chill, Steve U was drawn to the fluorescent yellow head-wear. As a truck driver, he knew the importance of being seen. The larger do rags that he saw would have been perfect for his head; but none of them were in that  color.

WOW! A true “see me now” issue that needed to addressed. Listen, learn and make it real! Steve became the first to have the larger do rag in fluorescent yellow and they have become a favorite for others who do must-be-seen work and are available in all sizes.

Press here for the fluorescent yellow do rags.

A few months later, Steve sent the email. “Becky, I bought one of your extra larger dew rags and really like it and wondered if you could get one black with red poca dots to match my bike colors? Or red with black dots?” Steve.

Certainly! Once again; he became the first to have the red with black polka dots dew rag in the larger size. He is a real trendsetter because this, too has become a popular do rag.

Press here for the red with black polka dots dew rag.

Steve U

Newton KS

Steve U in Red Do Rag with Black Polka Dots

I Need A Third Big Dew Rag

Steve U ordered a third big dew rag in patriotic colors. Press here for the patriotic dew rag.

Do Rag and Hair Bag® Do Rag Head-wear

Take a look at the do rag and hair bag® do rag head-gear to get an idea of available styles for your custom request. They are available in a wide range of colors, prints and materials. In addition to seeing available do rags and hair bags, these listings include stories about other custom work  that we did for customers and sold archives, too.

Still not seeing your size or need a special do rag or hair bag® do rag? Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] with your request.

Press here to learn how to measure your head. It will help in selecting the best size for you or to give as a gift.

Do Rag

Our do rags are uniquely designed to fit like a hat, have a sporty patchwork tail and an absorbent headband that feels refreshing on a hot summer day. They are available in three sizes making it possible to get a comfortable fit and coverage to suit your needs. Go for a do rag in a basic solid, simple print, unique batik, eye-catching print or get one with a splash of glitz. We have or will create the perfect do rag to match your outfit, a little something for a quick trip to the store or one that will match your motorcycle to complete the look you really want. Available sizes:

Hair Bag® Do Rag

Proud to have long hair and keeping it! Confidently say, “NO!” to those who tell you the only way to deal with those issues is to cut your hair. Smile, bag it in your hair bag® do rag and away you go for a tangle-free ride. Hair Bags® have the do rag base and a pocket for long hair. That pocket will hold more than hair wisps out of your way. Available sizes:

Custom Flat Caps

Take a look at some of the custom request for flat caps.

Mike P in Dolphins Colored Flat Cap

Mike P really needed the larger size flat cap and was trilled to get one in the Miami Dolphins colors. Licensed materials are not used, but there were several plaids to select from to the flat cap. “Thank you for creating this flat cap for me. It’s perfect. I love it. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family.”

Thanks, Mike

Mike P

Clifton Springs NY

“I visited with you at Maple Leaf regarding a driving cap made with KU fabric.” That started the process for a flat cap in KU colors. Licensed materials are not used, but when selecting the plaid, Paula M shared, “I am wanting to use this as a Christmas present, but have to mail it to Rhode Island. Will there be plenty of time for that?”

In just a few weeks, Paula got her new flat cap and had time to send it off to arrive for the holiday.

Paula M

Baldwin City KS

Flat Cap in KU Colored Plaid

Flat Cap Headwear

Flat caps are a popular, ivy-style cap with a small, front brim. These have a halo, round-shaped crown which gives a seamless look and shows off material textures and prints. With a buckled, adjustable back they come in two sizes. Check out the flat caps and the sold archive to see some of the ones we made for customers just like you. Available sizes:

Need a Cooler Hat for Summer

After using the fleece newsboy in black over the winter, Dorthy P., was ready to get a hat like it that would be a lot cooler for the summer months.

She called to request a newsboy in denim material. We discussed what some possibilities were for the material and how it might be adjustable along the back to accommodate for the minimal stretch in jeans material.

The jeans newsboy is in the larger size that Dorthy needs and it has a Velcro size adjuster along the back in the sweatband. It turned out pretty cute, so I took a few pictures before sending it off to Dorthy.

Press here for more info on the fleece newsboy hats.

Dorthy P.

Lawrence KS

Need Something Special

Lots of materials for unique styles are available, so check out the ready-to-wear headwear. Still not seeing just what you need?  Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create something special just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] with your request.