Headbands on Four

Headbands are wide and made from stretchy materials for more staying power. Go wide when coverage matters… motorcycling, bicycling, exercising, convertible rides, walking the dog, letting those bangs grow out, or darn those pesky wisps and need it out of my way for the moment. Squish it or fold it when narrower works and a bit of color is just the look you’re seeking. Great for those who don’t like hats!

Headbands that Fit

They come in four sizes, youth through adult sizes. Press here to learn more about selecting a headband that is a good fit for you or to give as a gift.


Size: Youth S/M | Youth L/XL Adult S | Adult M

Colors: Red, Pink, & Purple Shades | Blue & Green Shades | Orange, Yellow, & Brown Shades | Black, White, & Gray Shades

Select Materials: Performance Knit | Ribbed Knit | Swim Knit

Available Headbands

Check out the available headbands below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

Wide Headband and Ready to Ride

KK in Gray Ribbed Knit Headband

KK in Gray Ribbed Knit Headband

Kristi K was so tired of having her headbands blow off in the wind as she rode her motorcycle, she couldn’t take any more! She had gotten one of our earlier headband styles that she still had, but for motorcycle riding she really needed a wider headband. One that would grip her head and not budge was what she really had to have. It would be OK if it could be folded down to a more narrow headband, too. She was glad to learn we added those in the spring of 2016. Kristi has a small-sized head, so she went with a gray headband that was in a ribbed knit in the Youth L-XL size. She liked the solid color and knew she could wear it with several things. At the same time, she ordered a custom one in black. When she picked up the black one, she reported, “This weekend we went on a ride that was about 150 miles. I put on my gray headband and it was great. It did not budge!” Now, Kristi will be able to ride her motorcycle with confidence knowing she will not have to worry about her headband blowing off.

Press here for the gray ribbed knit headband like Kristi got or here for the Youth L-XL size headbands.

Mom and Daughter Head-wear

Mom Headband and Daughter Skull Cap in Cassoday

Mom Headband and Daughter Skull Cap in Cassoday

Mom was so pleased to be out motorcycling with her daughter for their initial ride! The fun-filled day included a stop in Cassoday at our tent. She had come with a friend and her daughter. The daughter was drawn to the skull cap display where a brightly colored skull cap had caught her eye and she found it was a good fit. Before they started the trip; they had convinced Mom to get a headband, but she quickly spied there was a headband in the same material.They could not resist having the friend snap a quick picture. That was all it took! They were pleased to pose for one more mother daughter picture with their new head-wear.

Press here for the bright, rainbow blocks headband like Mom got. Press here for the Adult S size headbands that she required.

Wide Headband for Convertible Ride

Headband in Pink Grid Sprayed Performance Knit - left

Headband in Pink Grid Sprayed Performance Knit – left

She could not pass on taking a look at the wide headbands at the Topeka Food Truck Festival. She explained her husband takes her for rides in the convertible and, while he does not have a problem, she dislikes the way it really messes up her hair. Her hair is cut short, but still it gets messed up. She has tried hats and they are forever blowing off. She tried some on and decided the adult small sized headband for its snug and hugging feel on her head in the performance knit. It was the pink grid one with the sparkly colors that was the perfect choice for her rides.

Press here for the Adult S headbands and here for the pink grid sprayed performance knit that she will be sporting on her next ride.

Right Size for Me

Headband Arizona Bike Week 2017

Headband Arizona Bike Week 2017

The girl was drawn to the headbands at the Arizona Bike Week and quickly selected one that had the colors she wanted. I wanted to be sure which one she had because different sizes are available, so she tried it on to be sure. Good fit. The right size for her. She and her mom had just gotten to the event, so they needed to look around. They stopped back by and she found the headband she liked. So nice to get her picture. Press here for the Youth S-M size that she selected.

Swim Knit and Performance Knit Headbands

Headband in Rainbow Oil Brush Stroke Performance Knit - front left

Headband in Rainbow Oil Brush Stroke Performance Knit – front left

Headband in Orange Swim Knit - right

Headband in Orange Swim Knit – right

The lady bought the rainbow colored headband that looked like it had been painted in oil because it was so shiny at the Cassoday bike ride. She came back to our next Cassoday ride wearing her headband with a friend in tow. She was trilled to share with her friend how she had used her headband on motorcycle rides and it did not move! Unfortunately the only headband left in that material was not in a size that would work for her friend, so she selected an orange headband in a swim knit.

Press here for the orange swim knit headbands. Press here for the swim knit headbands. Press here for the performance knit headbands.

Custom Requests

Some of our headband head-wear is popular. If by chance, one has been sold out when you are shopping please contact Rawls-Riley Creations to request one via a custom order when that happens.

Custom requests are welcome. See some of the custom work by pressing here. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] to talk about it.

Sold Archive

Press here to see the archive of sold headbands. Yes, some of them were custom headband requests.