Military Patrol Caps

Patrol caps rose to popularity through its extensive, military roots to become a casual cap favorite. It enjoys its unisex appeal because, the fact is, it really does look good on everyone.

The military patrol cap is a kepi cap with a flat top on its soft, round crown and a stiff bill that helps cut down on bright, sun glare. With the use of the M1951 Field cap by the U.S. military in the Korean war, it became know as the “patrol cap”.

The patrol cap rivals the ball cap as a hat to store in the ready on a hall coat rack or hook so it will be grabbed on the way out the door. A true, everyday cap.


Military patrol caps look good on everyone. With a flat top, stiff bill, and round crown, the cap’s simple style keeps it a casual favorite.


Size:  Regular Size – Label 22 | Adult L – 23 Label

Colors: Black | Blue | Brown | Gray | Green | Orange | Pink | Purple | Red | White | Yellow

Available Military Patrol Caps

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Shopping Together with Mom

The gals came to check out the headwear at the Lone Star Rally in Galveston. They took the time to find out about the different styles and that I made it.

It was Mom who announced, “I really don’t look good in hats.” That did not deter them from trying on several while she stood back and watched them enjoy finding one and checking to see how it looked in the mirror. They were pleased to find something and it seemed to be in the process of seeing their efforts that Mom warmed to the thought of looking, too.

They took turns deciding on a color and style that they thought might work. They insisted Mom check each of them out in the mirror. They stood behind her to get the expression on her face as she considered what it looked like on. When she seemed like she should really keep that one for futher consideration, someone would be sure to hold on to it.

As she narrowed her choices down, one of the gals spoke up, “Mom, you sort of liked this one, but I thought this one was much better.” With that she held forward the black military patrol cap.

A final test, just to be sure, was all it took. The second best only got a “sort of” expression in the mirror. It was when she put on the military cap that she honestly had to turn away from the mirror. With that, it was her, “Well, what do you think?”, followed by the approval comments for each of them, that really brought out her big grin.

It was great that her daughter snapped a picture of us. I had my hair bag® do rag on and she had on her new patrol cap.

Press here for the hair bag® do rags.

Galveston TX

Military Patrol Cap Details


Patrol Cap Style

The military patrol cap has a kepi style with a flat top to its soft, round crown and a stiff bill.



The military patrol cap comes in two sizes.

The regular size, that includes a Velcro sizer enclosed in the band, fit Adult M-XL / Circumference 22″- 24″ Circumference / 7 Hat Size – 7-5/8 Hat Size. The label has “22” on it. Press here for the available regular military patrol caps.

The most popular size for most of our cloth cap customers has a circumference of 23″/Adult L/Hat Size 7-3/8. For those with a slightly smaller head, the cap will rest on the head a bit lower along the back so the circumference will be filled and the cap should comfortably fit. Press here for the available Adult L military patrol caps.


Tuck Hair Under the Cap

The soft crown on the patrol cap has a bit of give. It is likely to be flexible enough to pull the cap on over a pony tail or simply roll the hair and tuck it under the back edge of the cap.


Soft Warmth from Fleece Lined Band

The caps that are designed for cooler weather have a fleece lined band. Fleece is a good alternative to wool for its warmth when allergic to wool, sensitive to wool’s texture and it is a fraction of the weight of woolen material. In addition to the warmth from the fleece, the cap is soft against the skin.

Check the description for this detail information.


Adjustable Absorbent Band

The caps that are designed for general wear will not have a fleece lined band. Their comfortable, wide sweatband contains a concealed and easy-to-use, Velcro adjuster for sizing. This permits the hat to fit a range of head sizes. The front contains absorbent terry. 

Check the description for this detail information.

How to Set Desired Bill Curve

The pressed, foam bill is sturdy and may be set into a personalized curve.

  1. Get the bill completely wet with water.
  2. Bend into the desired curve.
  3. Secure curve with a rubber band.
  4. Air dry.
  5. Remove rubber band to reveal the custom curve.

Made in the U.S.A.

All of Our Military Patrol Caps —

Made in the USA

All of our military patrol caps are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in the United States of America.


How Do I Measure My Head Size?

Press here to learn how to measure your head. It will help in selecting the best size for you or to give as a gift.


Sold Archive

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Custom Requests

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