The caps are made to fit various size heads and include several styles.


Beanie caps are favorites for all ages on cool, weather days. Their simple, tube-like, shape makes it possible to just pull on and go. Eliminates fussing with how it look.

These are available in a wide range of size: Baby Newborn | Baby 3 Month | Baby 6 Month | Baby 12 Month | Youth S-M | Youth L-XL | Adult S | Adult M | Adult L | Adult XL | Adult XXL

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Fisherman Caps

Fisherman caps retain their place in casual headwear by the relaxed crown. Fishermen adopted the hats and they have also been known as a fiddler cap and biker cap as well.

These come with a Velcro sizer that gives them a three size range from a smaller-sized head with a circumference of 21″/Adult S/Hat Size 6-5/8 and up to fit a larger-sized head with a circumference of 23″/Adult L/Hat Size 7-3/8.

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Flat Caps

Flat caps are favorite, good, ol’ dad caps. With a round crown that tapers toward the bill giving it the distinctive flat profile, the driving cap is a ball cap alternative for a classy look.

These come with a slider for fit for a size range from Adult S which has a 21″ circumference and a 6-3/8 Hat Size through Adult XL which has a 24″ circumference and a 7-5/8 Hat Size.

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Military Patrol Caps

Military patrol caps look good on everyone. With a flat top, stiff bill, and round crown, the cap’s simple style keeps it a casual favorite.

The patrol caps come in a one-size-fits-most size. These are made in the size that is the most popular for the cloth cap customers for our headwear. It has a circumference of 23″/Adult L/Hat Size 7-3/8. 

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Newsboy Caps

Newsboy caps with an extra full, draping crown and soft, bill that helps avoid pesky sun glare. These extremely flexible, newsboy caps may be worn in many ways. Easy care makes this newsboy cap a nice addition to any active life-style.

These newsboys come in several sizes: Adult S | Adult M | Adult L | Adult XL | Adult XXL | Adult XXXL

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Skull Caps

Skull caps are stays put caps with a padded, comfort band that wicks moisture away and absorbs sweaty drips. The cap has a smooth, round crown with elastic enforced staying power making these skull caps practical.

Skull caps come in several sizes: Adult M | Adult L | Adult XL

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Slouchy Beanies

Slouchy beanie with soft bill and extended crown that is drawsting closed. Its drawstring close accentuates the baggie look. Easily slips on and off with its soft flexible bill. 

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Welding Caps

Welding caps are stays put caps with soft bill and padded sweatband that wicks moisture and absorbs sweaty drips. The cap has a protective bill, a smooth, round crown with elastic enforced staying power making these welding caps practical.

Welding caps are available in four sizes: Adult M | Adult L | Adult XL | Adult XXL

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