Welding Caps

Welding Caps on Four Wearers

Welding caps with round crowns and comfortable bands. The wicking in the band will pull the moisture away from you, its elastic provides staying power and the absorbent terry will help keep the moisture from dripping in your eyes while providing a bit of padding. Turn the cap as needed to get its double layer of protection from the bill. They come in adult sizes. Press here to learn more about selecting a welding cap that is a good fit for you or to give as a gift. When in doubt on size; the Adult L is the most popular size so go with it. 


Size: Adult M | Adult L | Adult XL

Colors: Red, Pink, & Purple Shades | Blue & Green Shades | Orange, Yellow, & Brown Shades | Black, White, & Gray Shades

Available Welding Caps

Check out the available welding caps below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

Protective Flap

Welding Cap-Black Brown Etch-side side

Welding Cap-Black Brown Etch-side side

The welding cap has the comfortable, skull cap base with the addition of a soft and flexible bill or flap. The bill is ideal to get a bit more protection. Simply turn the cap around to cover an ear or the neck.

Welding Cap in Small Red Apples on Yellow-bill front

Welding Cap in Small Red Apples on Yellow-bill front

To wear the bill toward the front for a bit of shade and a look more like an engineer cap, go up one-size for the increased circumference so the cap may be shifted back on the head.

It was in Decatur that he was drawn to the flat caps; but it was the welding cap that worked best for him. He was definitely a hat guy and he shared that he buys them all over the world. Yes, the bill can be turned up, too.

Welding Cap 2017 Decatur

Welding Cap 2017 Decatur

Prefer No Bill?

Skull Caps on Five People

Skull Caps on Five People

Prefer to use a cap without a bill? Check out the skull caps by pressing here.

Nomex® Heat and Flame Resistant Head-wear

Welding Cap in Natural Nomex - side front

Welding Cap in Natural Nomex – side front

Hair Bag in Natural Nomex - right

Hair Bag in Natural Nomex – right

Welders, pipefitters, power plant workers and many more will definitely want to consider the added value Nomex provides to hair bag® do rag and welding caps. Made with Nomex® fabric, you receive the heat and flame resistant properties only available with DuPont’s Nomex® brand fibers.

Press here for the hair bag® do rag for long hair

Press here for the welding cap

Funky Welding Cap

Welder with Apple Welding Cap

Welder with Apple Welding Cap

At Cassoday, he spied the welding caps right away and made sure he stopped to take a look at them. He explained he had been welding for 30 years and always on the lookout for caps that stand out and really looked funky. While he saw several that could work, it was the one with apples on a bright, yellow that he took home with him that day. Paul was happy to do the picture. Press here for the apples on yellow welding cap.

Welding Cap – Product Info

The welding cap’s comfortable, wide circle of elastic is enclosed inside the band. It fits all the way around your head to improve the staying-power of the cap.

Being soft and flexible; the double-layer bill or flap offers protection when the hat is rotated to cover an ear or neck.

The crown is a light, more breathable, single layer of welding cap material.

The band has three layers in addition to the circle of elastic. The outer layer is the welding cap material. The inner wicking layer draws moisture so it is absorbed away from skin and into the fabric’s mesh. Absorbent terry is enclosed along the front of the band to reduce pesky, sweat drops getting to your eyes. Get the cooling effect of placing a cool towel across your forehead when you wear this welding cap.

The slightly longer back lets the welding cap rest lower along the back of the head for a fit more like a ball cap. This is a sturdy welding cap.

There are three sizes available.

  • Adult M is circumference 22-inch.
  • Adult L is circumference 23-inch.
  • Adult XL is circumference 24-inch.

All welding caps are made in the United States of America. Pricing will include applicable sales tax and shipping to Continental United States locations.

Custom Requests

Some of our welding cap head-wear is popular. If by chance, one has been sold out when you are shopping please contact Rawls-Riley Creations to request one via a custom order when that happens.

Custom requests are welcome. See some of the custom work by pressing here. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] to talk about it.

Sold Archive

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