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Rawls-Riley Creations LLC makes quality, handcrafted, headwear that is designed in Kansas City. The practical headwear is worn regularly by guys and gals as their needs change for the seasons, work, recreation, health, preferences, and lifestyle.

Rawls-Riley Creations makes headwear that fits. From its headbands to its do rags, size is a deciding factor for comfort with its customers. Headwear is designed to include items that will enhance comfort and its customer say the headwear becomes their favorite when they return for another one.

Headwear is sold online. It is sold at shows of arts and crafts, festivals, and at biker shows and rallies where customers may try on the headwear. It is the place to speak directly with the designer, get help on how to use the headwear, learn what may work for your needs, and get advice from us in selecting something for someone special and yourself.

When you see everyone else wearing something that you know you would really like if you only knew how to put it on, then shop with us for help. Perfect for those new to headwear and wanting help with how to put on a headband, head wrap, do rag, or any of the headwear. Good for a new biker seeking help on fitting in with your headwear. Guys seek our help for their wives when they really want them to come along for rides in the convertable, too.

Work through choices with us when the wig is way too hot and simply not practical for a quick trip. When the treatments are motivating you to find some sort of headwear, we will have more than one style to choose from. You’ll be able to find something to wear for various occasions. Friends and family are drawn to our headwear at shows as they seek help to get something that will thoughtfully express their support.

When the doctor’s advice is “thou must wear a hat” and you’ve never worn one in your life, ask for our help. Slip in for headwear protection when the blazing sun is offering no reprieve. No reason not to shop when you left home without a hat. Be it a hot day or chilling cold gusts, we have headwear that may be just the thing you’re looking for.

You hope there is a way to keep the long hair you love and still do what you want to do, be it for work, exercising, woodworking, welding, painting, recreation, baking, gardening, motorcycling, and even scuba diving. You have not given up on finding a way to confidently say “no” when everyone says the only way to deal with those issues it to cut it off. The hair bag® do rag is going to be the headwear you should definitely use. Bag it and stop worrying about your hair. With sizes available to get the coverage you prefer, do try it at a show and get the one that will work best for you. 

When you are about to give up on finding something that will stay on your head when you are crusing down the highway, check out the headwear. If you know you really cannot actually tie it tight enough to keep it on your head, our headwear may be the way to go. Do stop at a show to learn about our headwear choices and find one that will be a perfect size for you. 

Stop by to shop with us at a show. Find out more about the show schedule by pressing here. Let us help you get the headwear that you will be proud to wear. 

Rawls-Riley Creations accepts custom requests for its headwear. It works with customers to deliver headwear that will be special to them. Press here to learn more about the custom headwear requests. 

How Did the Headwear Making and Sales Begin and How Can I Get it Today?

As a biker on her own bike since 2000, Becky Rawls-Riley was in searching for something that she could do to serve customers. She tried her sewing skills on do rags and that was her start into the world of headwear making. Press here to learn more about headwear maker, Becky.

In the Fall of 2013, she created fleece beanies to make something that would work for cooler Fall days and cold Winter evenings. It was the boost that she needed.  Sales took off for the four styles of beanies she created at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City.

Early sales were done at shows and shows continue to be a significant way for prospects and customers to learn about the Rawls-Riley Creations headwear. The 2014 Summer shows saw the introduction of floppy hats with custom bands and headbands. A request came for something to contain long hair while riding a motorcycle and the hair bag® do rag was created. The headwear has expanded to include more styles and sizes since the fleece beanies release in 2013. Online sales of headwear was added to reach customers who could not get the headwear at shows. Press here for the pop-up show schedule.

Custom headwear requests began at the early shows. Then, available headwear was limited and Becky took bags of material for prospects to look through and pick something they wanted to have made into the headwear style they needed. Materials are no longer taken to shows, but custom requests are still encouraged for those who want something uniquely, special to them. Press here to learn more about custom requests.

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