About Rawls-Riley Creations

Rawls-Riley Creations LLC makes headwear and is located in Olathe KS which is a suburb of Kansas City. From its origins of making do rags for the biker community by designer Becky Rawls-Riley it has expanded that headwear line to work for families at arts and craft shows and festivals. The headwear is used by those who are big time headwear folks and by those who are just starting their headwear journey.

Being small has enabled Rawls-Riley Creations to involve customers in their headwear design process through the shows they do during the year in 7+ states around Kansas. The company web site is filled with 100s of items in several sizes and enables sales across the United States and even on a limited basis internationally. Having sold 1000s of headwear items it is able to understand what its customers prefer while discovering the things they still wish they would get.

The distinctively colorful headwear line makes it possible to find a little something that will make you get noticed in a crowd. Be it to make new connections, be safe, or make a lasting impression there is bound to be something that works perfectly for you are someone you know. The headwear is not limited to only headbands, do rags, or even caps and hats and many styles are made in sizes to keep you comfortable. Some use it for a special occasion or when they are dealing with an immediate situation, for most it is practical headwear used everyday at work or while out having fun.

Its handcrafted headwear is always made in small quantities and many are one-of-a-kind creations. With 1000+ made for its yearly shows and online sales, the custom request for something different is always welcomed. If it’s not on the rack or online, it may be possible to find a material that will be perfect. It will be comfortable and it will be oh, so you.

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