Rawls-Riley Creations designs head-wear that will be worn regularly by gals and guys. It’s practical head-wear.

Think… do rags, hair bag® do rags, headbands, floppy hats and fedoras with mix-n-match bands, head wraps, welding caps, skull caps, warm fleece hats and caps, newsboys, cloche hats, and a classic dad’s favorite flat caps.

In 2013, at the Maple Leaf Festival, fleece beanies were released in a long, roll-up style and the regular ones were available in plain, with a pinwheel or with a flower on them. There was only a one-size-fits-most size, but people flocked to get them on those briskly, cool days. Thus, head-wear became the thing for Rawls-Riley Creations and its customers.

The warm, fleece head-wear got expanded and are available from newborns up through 3XL sizes. Newsboy and cloche styles were added. Do rags got redesigned and expanded into three sizes. Hair bag® do rags were created for those who don’t want that in their long hair or simply need it out of the way temporarily. Headbands are the staple for those who must have their crown open and don’t like hats. These headbands fit and there are four sizes available. Floppy hats with mix-n-match hat bands are ideal on sunny days and the fedoras have mix-n-match bands, too. Head wraps provide coverage that can be worn in lots of different ways. Skull caps and welding caps work for cooks, welders, preachers, marching bands, health-care professionals and while riding. Flat caps are the hats that many recall as a favorite for their dad and they work when a ball cap simply won’t do. Captain and fisherman caps were added early in 2018, but their popularity started back in 19th century and they are among the popular, baker boy hats of today.

Custom requests are always welcome and 100’s of ready-to-wear items are available. Catch us at a show to be among the first to get a chance at the new head-wear. And, if you happen to be one of the newbies to head-wear, you’re not alone. We’ll help you. We’ll show you how to wear that special one that you see others wearing and you would really like to get if you only knew how to put it on.

All head-wear is made in the United States of America. Materials are sourced domestically and internationally.

Check Out the Head-wear

Warm fleece head-wear: Press here to check out the fleece caps and hats. Press here for cloche and here for newsboy hats. Ear warmers press here.

Press here for the do rags available in three size.

Check out the hair bag® do rags  that are available in three sizes by pressing here.

Summer Floppy Hats at a Show

Summer Floppy Hats at a Show

Get your floppy hat with mix-n-match band by pressing here.

For versatile, head wraps press here.

Headbands that fit are available in four sizes. Press here.

Press here for the flat caps.

Press here for the captain caps.

Press here for the fisherman caps.

Press here for the skull caps.

Press here for the welding caps.

Custom requests are welcome. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].