Customers Tell the Headwear Story

Headwear makes a personal statement. It is one of the ways others have to quickly learn about you. It may change to coordinate with what you wear, what you do, the situation you face, and certainly the protection you need. Listen to some of the Rawls-Riley Creations customers and learn about the headwear. They tell the story that you will want to know. It’s their headwear story.

After getting the first fluorescent “see me now” yellow do rag in the big size for his truck driving work, Steve wanted something else. “Becky, I bought one of your extra large dew rags and really like it and wondered if you could get one black with red poca dots to match my bikes colors? Or red with black dots?”

Absolutely. Steve was wearing the new dew rag the next time I saw him at a show and he was good to let me take his picture. Steve has 3 of these big do rags.

Steve U.

Big Dew Rags, Newton KS

Do Rag in Fluorescent Yellow - side

Big Do Rag Fits Perfectly

Utah construction guy, John, was at the Garnett show and had to have a fluorescent yellow one because it would match his work shirts. RATS! The regular adult M-XL size he needed was sold out. No worries, he requested a custom order. He said he would be sure to tell his friends and family about the service and texted, “Got it fits perfectly.” – John W. – Big Do Rag, South Jordan UT

I Can Never Get It Tied Tight Enough

After getting three skull caps at the Bikes, Blues & BBQ Rally in 2017, the next year Bill reached out to get another skull cap and it was at the 2019 January meeting for ABATE of KS that we connected next. He got his new skull cap to match his green motorcycle. He said, “It really stays on my head. I can’t tell you how many do rags I have lost to the wind. I can never get them tied tight enough to keep them on.”

He selected the money on black skull cap for his fourth one. How perfect, bills for Bill. 

Still prefer a do rag? Press here to check those out.

Bill S.

Skull Cap Fan, Perry KS

In 2017, I sent a sample of my welding cap to a meeting and when Ron saw the welding cap he decided to get it rather than sending back to me via my husband. He told my husband pretty quickly that he really liked it for motorcycling because it stayed on so well and when we saw each other he told me, too.

It was at the ABATE of KS state meeting in March 2020 that he made a special point of telling me how much he really appreciated using my cap. He said, “I use it every day at work and really like it. Of course I turn the bill around to the back so it will be out of the way, but it always stays just fine. I really like the hat!” I really appreciated hearing such an outstanding compliment on my cap from him.

Ron V.

Welding Cap Fan, Salina KS

At the Bikes, Blues and BBQ Rally in 2019, our neighbor selected the US Navy welding cap his first day at the rally. The next day he stopped by to report that he rode his bike home with his cap on and back again today and he really liked the way the cap stayed on just fine.

He let me take his picture and he looked very nice.

He share his success with the cap with some of his buddies and they made sure they stopped by for a cap, too.

Welding Cap Fan, Fayetteville AR

In 2019, after receiving the US Navy welding cap that was ordered at this web site, Dave, shared his picture with the comment, “Love my new cap.”

Dave R.

Welding Cap Fan, Rockaway NJ

Gotta Get Another Hair Bag

It was during the Lawrence show in the park that she learned about the hair bag® do rags. She thought it would work well for her hair on motorcycle rides and got one.

Yep! It worked so well they took the motorcycle ride down to Cassoday for another one and she explained, “Yesterday, I looked up the web site on the tag and found the show list. It said you would be here at Cassoday today. I just had to make sure I made it down here to get another one.” Glad to get her picture in the new hair bag.

Press here for the show schedule that lead her to Cassoday that day. There you should opt-in to receive show updates, too. smile

Hair Bag Do Rag, Lawrence KS

Hold the Dog

Zoey loves to ride on the back of the trike with Jody while Sonny cruises down the road. Jody was constantly worried about having to hold the dog and not having a free hand to catch her do rag from blowing off in the wind. The labrador always wears big red googles when she rides, but once there was something that hit her and she just about jumped off the trike.

She saw the hair bag I was wearing and got the orange one I had at the ABATE of KS Labor Day Rally, but really wanted one with dragonflies. When I was able to locate the material, she had me make that one for her, too.

After her first ride with the hair bag® do rag, Jody realized she did not have to worry about trying to hold onto it. When she arrived at their destination, she had to really work to get it off. That was all it took. As she puts it, “I can look up, around and every direction with no worries of loosing it.”

Jody G.

Hair Bag Do Rag, Clyde KS

Zoey on Trike
Hair Stocking in Yellow Dragonflies

Custom Hair Bag for Master Gardener

At the Garden Show, Deanna was very interested in the hair bag® do rags. As a Master Gardener, she knew how keeping her hair out of the way was a continual ritual for working outside in the hot sun. During the show she stopped by the booth several times, observed how the others were selecting those on the rack and the choices dwindled. Finally, it was too much for her to pass on getting one, but the one she thought might be good had just been purchased.

I had the same material and could make a custom one for her, but after trying them on she was glad to learn that the sold one would not have been a good choice because she really wanted to go with the big size. While she held onto the material that was like the one that had sold, Deanna took her time looking through the material bags to select the one she wanted for her custom hair bag® do rag. In the end, she selected a different material. It was good to receive her email that read…

Hi Becky,

My hat arrived on Tuesday and I’m very pleased with it, thank you. The way you laid out the sections with the colors is quite attractive. Nice job. I look forward to seeing you again.

Best, Deanna

Deanna N.

Big Hair Bag Do Rag, Topeka KS

Baker LOVES Hair Bag®

At the 2016 SantaCaliGon Days, she explained that she owns a bakery in Topeka and makes lots of cakes so it’s flour and more flour. She was glad to see how easy it was to put on the hair bag® and all the coverage it would provide for her hair. But, it is the heat from the ovens that can make it a warm place when everything gets going so it was the enclosed terry in the band that absolutely would work.

In 2017, at the Wamego Tulip Festival, she stopped to say she LOVES the hair bag® do rag! it was very good to have the baker stop and share how much she enjoys the way the hair bag is working for her. She tells everyone how much she likes it. This time she selected the white lace hair bag and looked great in her picture.

Roxy S.

Owner, Miss Roxy's Bakery

Hair Bag Do Rag in Lace on Baker
Miss Roxy's Bakery Sunflowers Hair Bag

“Best hair bags and products I’ve found. Quality is key here!! Becky is top-notch, very helpful, and kind! I have been buying hair coverings from her for several years now to use in My Bakery “Miss Roxy’s Bakery” Great investment and they wash up so nice!!!! A must-have for anyone looking for hair coverings, hats, welding caps, or under your motorcycle helmet (which I have as well). Thanks Becky for always taking such good care of me and my Bakery needs! You’re the best!!!” I was happy to get the comment on a video post and had to share it. I always enjoy working with you and having you stop by at my shows, Roxy. Many thanks.

Roxy S.

Owner, Miss Roxy's Bakery

Baker Get Another Hair Bag®

At the 2017 SantaCaliGon Days, she was back for a new hair bag® and she got one with flowers. On Instagram she wrote, “thanks for always providing @MissRoxysBakery with the perfect hair bags®. Love that it matches my artwork #kansasgirl #bakery #vegan#motherdaughter #lfk #sunflowers #tattoo#wheat #ryancooperthompson#tattoedmomma #foodisart

Roxy S.

Owner, Miss Roxy's Bakery

Baker Transitions to Skull Cap

In 2018, Roxy learned about the release of the welding caps via the opt-in show emails and reached out to get a big one for her husband for mowing the lawn. While it didn’t turn out to be something he liked for that job, Roxy began to wear it after she cut her hair short.

She stopped by at the Wamego Tulip Festival that spring and got a skull cap for her baking. It was in the XL size just like the welding cap, but she really felt the bill was not necessary so the skull cap should work better. Press here for the welding caps and here for the skull caps.

Roxy continues to stop by to see me at the shows and I’m always glad to reconnect. Press here to see the show schedule and opt-in to receive those emails, too.


Welder Thrilled with Hair Bag for Dreadlocks

Tricia A., of D & T Metal Arts, got her first hair bag® do rag with the black pirate skulls on black at the Maple Leaf Festival. The next time we connected was at the Garnett BPW Square Fair. She could not wait to tell me how truly happy she was with her welding cap. I was thrilled when she shared pictures in her second one showing how all of her dreadlocks really do fit in it. She said, “All this gets tucked into my awesome welding cap.”


Tricia A.

Owner Artist, D & T Metal Arts - Wellsville KS

Welder Tricia Adams - All The Hair
Welder Tricia Adams - All The Hair in the Hair Bag Do Rag
Welder Tricia Adams - All The Hair in the Hair Bag Do Rag Welding
CI Patriotic Waves Hair Stocking
CI Butterfly Hair Stocking

Hair Bags with Glitz, Head Wrap, & Skull Cap

In 2016, it was a fun shopping experience for the friends as they found out about the hair bag® do rags at the SantaCaliGon Days. While Carolyn found one in the patriotic print with waves and a bit of sparkle; she really wanted something with more glitz.  She had to get one in the material I still had to show her in a hat band. It has sparkles and turquoise butterflies on black satin. It was great to receive her pictures. Especially those with her Spyder.

It is always good to see these gals when they stop by to say hi at the other shows over the years. In 2018, at the Turner Auto Tech Car Show, Carolyn checked out the head wraps and when the skull caps came out that Fall, she had to check them out for her short hair. She went with the XL size and it looked cute on her. – Carolyn I., Kansas City KS

Press here for the hair bags, here for the head wraps, and here for the skull caps.

CI on Spyder with Butterfly Hair Stocking

Won’t Ride Without It

Rita really needed the big size hair bag® do rag and could not pass on getting hers made out of the shiny, turquoise butterflies print with sparkles that she saw in a head wrap at Cassoday. For the next shows we connected, she pops in with it to show me that she still loves wearing it. She says, “If for some reason we take off without me having it on, I make him stop so I can put it on. I won’t ride without it now.”

Rita T.

Hair Bag Do Rags, Topeka KS

I’ll Take Another Hair Bag®

At the Atchison Amelia Earhardt Festival, Rita made sure to check the custom material bag to order another hair bag®. This time she selected one that turned out nice and has a lightening look.

Headband Did Not Budge on Long Motorcycle Ride

Kristy was so tired of having her headbands blow off in the wind as she rode her motorcycle, she couldn’t take it any more! She has a small-sized head, so she went with a gray headband that was in a ribbed knit in the Youth L-XL size. She liked the solid color and knew she could wear it with several things.

At the same time, she ordered a custom one in black. When she picked up the black one, she reported, “This weekend we went on a ride that was about 150 miles. I put on my gray headband and it was great. It did not budge!” Now, Kristy will be able to ride her motorcycle with confidence knowing she will not have to worry about her headband blowing off.

Press here for the Youth L-XL size headbands like Kristy wears. Headbands come in four sizes from youth S-M through adult M so we do have one that will fit and stay on your head, too.

Kristy J.

Headbands, Olathe KS

It was her friend, who was getting started with chemo, that she was thinking of when she got some headwear at the Salute to America in Jefferson City. The do rag was working so well, she reached out about getting some custom work done for a pair of new ones in a blue batik and sea turtles for her.

It was good to receive her feedback on the do rags and service that I offer. “Thank you for all of your time on this, & ALL the head coverings you make. The ones at the Stineman Cancer Hospital in St. Louis has more expensive ones that are ugly & dont fit right AT ALL!! This is a wonderful service you do with your talent.”

Julie H. & Di-Ann C.

Holts Summit MO

Blue Batik Sea Turtle Do Rags

Likes the Headwear

In 2015, the lady carefully considered her purchase at the Wamego Tulip Festival. After several passes, she settled on an ethnic-print, flat cap. Press here for ivy flat caps.

She stopped by in 2016 to report she loved her hat and wanted something new. She went with a nice, soft head wrap. It was speckled with pink, yellow, orange and black colors on white and had an almost animal-like look to it. Press here for the head wraps.

In 2017, she selected a floppy hat with two hat bands. It would be like a totally different hat for her simply by changing the band because they are interchangeable. It was so nice that she stopped by the second day wearing orange one. Press here for the floppy hats and here for the floppy hat bands.

It is always good to have our fan coming back each year for something new to add to her collection. – Fan in Wamego KS

Flat Cap in Ethnic Print with Africa in Gold
Head Wrap in White with Pink, Yellow and Black Speckles - Black Out
Floppy Hat with Orange Band on Wamego Lady

So Many Compliments

A lady purchased her floppy hat at the Turkey Creek Festival. It had a sparkly orange hat band and looked very nice on her. The next time I saw her, I recognized the hat as I spotted her wearing it at the Lenexa Spinach Festival. They stopped by and the daughter said, “She wears the hat everywhere she goes because she gets so many compliments. I’d like to get some cards to pass out to someone who asks where did you get the hat.”

Press here for the floppy hats and here for the floppy hat bands.

Floppy Hat , Merriam KS

Go Dog Go Grandma in Hat in Pella
Wide brim hat is tan with sequins shown with orange band-back

The grandma saw the hats in Pella and had to get one. She has read the “Go, Dog. Go!” book by P. D. Eastman to her grandson lots and lots of times. She relayed fondly about their reading times as she shared she was going to ask him, “Do you like my hat?” the next time they are together.

Press here for the floppy hats and here for the floppy hat bands.


Floppy Hat, Pella IA

Shouldn’t I Know You?

One admirer couldn’t resist coming up and asking, “Shouldn’t I know you? Are you a famous person that I am just having a problem recalling your name?” Oh my! The hat made her look so good that she got lots of compliments as she continued on after carefully selecting her floppy hat at SantaCaliCon Days. The experience impressed her so much that she returned the next day to share her story.

The hat bands are interchangeable, so you pick a hat and a band to make the custom hat you like. In her case; she had to seriously consider the hats and combinations she wanted. She really had a hard time selecting between two hat and her friends agreed that they both looked nice on her. I thought she looked so outstanding that I couldn’t resist getting a picture before she began her stroll which garnered her the “shouldn’t I know you” compliment.

Yes, she did get the second hat that second day when she returned to share her admirer story.

Press here for the floppy hats and here for the floppy hat bands.

Floppy Hat, Independence MO

SantaCaliGon Floppy Hat

What Do You Think of the Visor?

The day began warm at the Iowa Pella Tulip Time festival where the visors were introduced and the temperature continue to rise from there. It did not take long for the visors to be the sought for item as the sun continued to beat down.

As a designer, it is critical to listen to what customers think of the headwear. Some of the first gals to get one were happy to give their opinions on what they thought of them. They were pleased to have their picture taken in their visors, too. – Visor GalsPella IA

Visor Rose Pella 19
Visor Morning Glory Pella 19

Nut Roaster Likes It

It has been great to have The Nut Hutte as a neighbor at John C. Fremont Days in Fremont NE. The aroma of the German roasted nuts getting prepared provide an appealing smell from time to time.

Over the years, I always like stopping and getting the treat for us as we work the show. Jan has gotten headwear for her family members and herself, too. When the visors were introduced in 2019, she got another ivy flat cap him and for herself she got a floppy hat and definitely had to go with a visor. She explained it gets hot roasting the nuts so she gave her new visor a work out by wearing it during the entire show. I was pleased to get her, “I like it!” 

The Nut Hutte is located in Omaha and they started back in 1997. They do shows in five states, sell at Farmers Market, have a kiosk during the holidays, and sell online. Check out The Nut Hutte by visiting their web site at

Press here for the ivy flat caps, here for the floppy hats and here for the floppy hat bands, and see the visors by pressing here.

Jan I., Co-owner of The Nut Hutte, Fremont NE

Visor JCF19

It was good to see BarePhat in Independence KS at Neewollah. Brian had gotten a fisherman cap from us last year and Stacey shared that he wears it all the time. This year she wanted to be sure to find one she could use.

She stopped by to check a couple of times that day and kept coming back to the slouchy beanies. It was the flowered one that had an antique look in a soft velvet that would work for her. So pretty with her beautiful hair.

I snapped her picture and go it out to her. Her reply read, “Love, love this hat!!! So comfy and cool looking and fabric is beautiful and soft! Just feels great on. Thank you again.😊 💗

Really like the BarePhat myself and picked more at the show. Learn more about BarePhat at and

See the fisherman cap Brian got by pressing here.

Stacey M.

Headwear Fans, Independence KS

Gotta Go Blue

He saw the headwear at the John C. Fremont Days and stopped. He took the time to check out several and the fisherman caps had the style he liked. It was the blue one that he kept coming back to and finally settled on. Pleased to find the cap in blue, he gladly let me take a picture.

The next year, he stopped by wearing his hat with a friend. He told his story about the cap. He wears it daily and the people who work with him at Casey’s say they really like it, too. It is his Mom who says that the most. His friend considered the cloth caps, but it was his thinking on his Mom that lead him to get one for her. He got her a cute flowers fisherman cap. 

Fisherman Cap Fan

Fremont NE

Fisherman Cap John C Fremont 2018
Fisherman Cap Plaid in Rust on Lady

Love the Hat in Boulder

She came to the Boulder Creek Festival with her family and had to take a look at the cool hats and caps. It was the rust-colored, plaid one that really looked good with her reddish locks. Her comment back on the messaged picture of her in the fisherman cap was, “Thanks!! Love the hat!”

Fisherman Cap Fan

Boulder CO

Sandra Fisherman 19-right

Sister Really Liked the Cap

With the approaching winter, Tony really wanted a warmer hat. It was the first opportunity to make the biker hat in wool and that was perfect to fit his needs. At the family holiday dinner in Iowa his sister, Sandra, really admired his hat. So, guess who got to wear it home. Really glad to receive the pictures of her in the wool, fisherman cap. The light gray compliments her natural, gray curls and the cap looks so cute on her with her short haircut. – Sandra R-M., Owensboro KY

Unique Hat

At the Pella Tulip Market, he was compelled to check out the flat caps. He was pleased to learn that there were not going to be lots of people with hats like these because they are only made in a very limited quantity by me. After trying on the gold and black one, he declared it would be good for church and other formal occasions, but not as practical for everyday wear. With the wearability and sturdiness of corduroy in mind, he selected the blue and black flowered cap which has a very Renaissance look to it.

Later that evening, he shared, “Everything was great Becky was great she took my picture…i will buy more caps from her.” as well as, “I was happy with my purchase.”

Ivy Flat Cap Fan

Pella IA

Flat Cap Sharp in Pella

Huge Fan Wants Flat Cap in Colors

Mike is a huge Miami Dolphins fan who needed a big flat cap. He was the first to ask about getting a cap made that would uniquely show his favorite colors in plaid. When he selected the plaid, he let me know that “It matches the retro Miami Dolphins colors from the 80s, I love it.” Thus, he is the proud owner of the first of its kind ivy flat cap.

“Thank you for creating this flat cap for me. It’s perfect. I love it. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family.” – Thanks

Mike P.

Ivy Flat Cap, Clifton Springs NY

Flat Cap Turquoise Orange Plaid MP - Miami Dolphins background

Just in Time for the Holidays

Paula emailed, “I visited with you at Maple Leaf regarding a driving cap made with KU fabric.” That started the process for a flat cap in KU colors. When selecting the plaid, Paula shared, “I am wanting to use this as a Christmas present, but have to mail it to Rhode Island. Will there be plenty of time for that?” 

Absolutely. In just a few weeks, she had selected her plaid and the flat cap was shipped off to her in plenty of time to make the gift delivery.

A few year later, she was at the Maple Leaf Festival with a friend and stopped to share that the cap was a big hit that year. 

Paula M.

Ivy Flat Cap, Baldwin City KS

Snow Shoveling Hat

He got his beanie at a show at the Lenexa United Methodist Church. When our paths crossed in the hall a few years later, he was pleased to share, “I want to let you know how much I really like your hat. I like the way I can put it over another hat when I am out shoveling snow. It is big enough to come down and cover my ears and especially the back of my neck.”

Roll Up Beanie, Lenexa KS

Hiking Hats

I was searching the internet for “orange fleece hats” because my husband & I like to hike – even during hunting season… We thought your hats looked “visible,” warm & stylish.” Not seeing the sizes she needed, Brenda sent her request for a pair of long hats and a cloche hat in orange. The custom hats were created and dropped in the mail. Upon getting notice that the hats were on the way, she commented, “Thanks for the prompt service!” It was so nice to receive the picture she took of her husband while they were out hiking. He looks so nice in his orange hat.

The next year, Brenda got more roll up beanies. She got a pair for him and a pair for herself.

Press here for the cloche hats and here for the beanies.

Brenda D.

Wenatchee WA

Hiking in Orange Long Hat

Karen discovered us at the Decatur Celebration and was happy to learn about the available sizes in the headwear. She liked the versatile big newsboys and got the black and white plaid newboy for herself and looked great in the picture. She got the biggest black newsboy for her daughter. She liked the XL size in the beanies especially well and got a fluorescent orange in that, too. Press here for the newsboy hats and here for the beanie caps.

She learned I was the maker of the headwear and really liked the beanie. Being a Green Bay Packers fan, later that year she reached out to me for a new beanie in two colors for game days. We talked about the flower beanies and the possibility of going with a less bold, pinwheel. She went for a pinwheel on the new beanie.

When she shared her picture in the cap she emailed, “Hey Becky,  thanks so much for my Greenbay Packer’s Hat.  I LOVE IT…I LOVE IT!!!  The pinwheel was the perfect thing to add to it!  Here is a picture as I promised!!!!  At some point I am sure that I will be back in touch to have you create another hat for me.  Enjoy your thanksgiving and….thanks again!!!”

Seeking a special look to your hat? Rawls-Riley Creations can make one for you, too. Press here to learn about the custom headwear.

Karen R-W.

Fleece Headwear, East Chicago IL

Newsboy Black White Plaid - Decatur 2017
My Packer Hat-Karen W-R.

Internet Shopping for “Fleece Newsboy Hats”

2017 Internet shopping takes a pair of newsboy hats to New York and it was a trill to see the pictures that Jo sent with her email. “Your company was the only one that not only sold fleece newsboy hats but ones that were machine washable, reasonably priced and available in a variety of sizes and colors.  I look forward to doing business with your company again and will recommend you to others.  I’ve included a few photos of me in the two hats (brown white knit on black and dark gray, size: M) that I purchased.  Thank you.” 

In 2018 Jo placed the order for a camoflauge roll up beanie. Press here for the beanies.

In 2019 it was great to see Jo back for another newsboy and a black newsboy was sent her way.

Jo B.

Newsboy Fan, Jamaica, NY

Newsboy Hat Gifts

Tod liked the newsboy hat style so well, he bought one for each of his daughters and his wife. He got a nice burgundy one, royal purple one and one with purple waves. Having three; they could decide who wanted to wear what color that day. He shared the pictures of one of his daughters in the burgundy one.

“If there is a fault to the hat, it might be that the hat is a warm hat. Sometimes, too hot.” 

Tod D.

Newsboy Fan, Eudora KS

She saw the newsboy hats at the Mount Vernon Apple Butter Makin’ Days and stopped to try them on. The cold came early in the Fall of 2018, so the warm fleece hats made walking around at the show more bearable. She selected one of the goes-with-anything, white newsboy hats.

She stopped by the next year and was happy to report she loved this hat. 

Newsboy Fan, Mt. Vernon MO

I Need a Bigger One

At the Souix Empire Arts & Crafts Show, she was shopping with her Mom. It was the newsboys that captured her attention. She was wearing a plain, knit beanie, but liked the way the newsboy looked on the mannequin. With several sizes to select from, she knew she wanted a bigger one. Each time she tried one, she’d say, “I need a bigger one.” The baggier the better and it really was the biggest size in adult 3XL that she selected.

She looked outstanding in her black newsboy.

Newsboy Fan, Sioux Falls SD

Newsboy SE19