Pop-up Shows

Rawls-Riley Creations sells headwear at shows throughout the year. It is the best opportunity to learn about the headwear and try it. All the new items are going to be released at shows so get to a show to be one of the first people to see them.

Floppy Hats and Bands in Virtual Festival

When COVID-19 all but shut down the shows, Rawls-Riley Creations started creating its own shows with its virtual festivals. Let me know what you think via email sales@Rawls-RileyCreations.comPlease subscribe to the Rawls-Riley Creations channel for all the new video releases on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKMYNfeN_1WGhBH_xI21zEw/?sub_confirmation=1 Check out them at https://vimeo.com/showcase/8016527

COVID-19 Show Practices

COVID-19 has changed the shopping experience for those who join Rawls-Riley Creations at shows. We have implemented some safety practices that will carry forward and we will follow safety protocol advised for the show location. We are fully vaccinated. A few of the changes will be carried forward.

Headwear Care

A practice of spraying the headwear with sanitary spray periodically is a routine that was implemented due to COVID and that will continue.

Upon purchase of the headwear, please try it on and the “Like Your Headwear Guarantee” is always available. Press here for the details. Headwear will be cleaned before it is returned to the sales rack. 

String for Sizing Headwear

Due to COVID-19, headwear trying is discouraged and we relied on a string to tie around the head for sizing. Use of the string to aid in determing the best size in the headwear for fit is a process that was well received and it will continue to be used at shows.

OCT 23 – Kansas City MO – City Market Farmers Market

Join us at the Farmers Market in the City Market of the River Market area of Kansas City MO. There will be some selections for tasty fresh fruits and vegetables, artists & crafters, shops, and great food in the local restaurants at the City Market. The market is the largest in the region bringing “Farm to Table” on a year-round basis and has been in operation since 1857.

Rawls-Riley Creations headwear will be in the arts & crafts area on Walnut Street.

When: Sat.
Where: City Market in the River Market area of Kansas City MO between 5th Street and 3rd Street along Walnut Street
Times: 7-3

For more information:
On City Market visit Web site: https://kcrivermarket.com/city-market/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RMCAKC/
On Rawls-Riley Creations visit https://creativeheadwear.com/ and https://foliesheadwear.com/.

KCMO Farmers Market Tent 042421

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Rawls-Riley Creations would like to invite you via email to our shows and keep you in the know about the headwear. Please opt-in to receive the them.

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