Pop-up Shows

Rawls-Riley Creations sells headwear at shows throughout the year. It is the best opportunity to learn about the headwear and try it. All the new items are going to be released at shows so get to a show to be one of the first people to see them.

Floppy Hats and Bands in Virtual Festival

COVID-19 is upon us all and impacting the shows. When they do actually happen, they will be outside where everyone will appreciate shopping in the fresh air.

Rawls-Riley Creations is now making YouTube virtual festivals. Do check the virtual festivals out as you see them on this web site. There will be more videos coming. Let me know what you think via email sales@Rawls-RileyCreations.comPlease subscribe to the Creative Headwear channel for all the Rawls-Riley Creations releases. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKMYNfeN_1WGhBH_xI21zEw/?sub_confirmation=1

In the meantime, be safe. All the best for health to you and your family and friends.

COVID-19 Show Practices

COVID-19 will change for the shopping experience for those who join Rawls-Riley Creations at shows. We will implement the following show practices in an effort of providing a safe shopping experience for all and we hope this will help you know what to expect.

Customer and Employee Safety

  • Masks will be worn by us and gloves will be worn when needed.
  • Masks will be encouraged for participants and their use will be guided by prevailing regulation.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided and its use will be encouraged.
  • High touch surfaces will be cleaned regularly with sanitizer and the setup will be created minimizing the use of any surface.

Headwear Care

A practice of discouraging trying the headwear will be implemented. Any tried headwear will be sprayed with sanitary spray prior to being returned to a rack.

Upon purchase of the headwear, please try it on and the “Like Your Headwear Guarantee” is always available. Press here for the details. 

Please Don’t Try the Headwear. Use String Tie for Sizing Instead.

Due to COVID-19, headwear trying is discouraged.

Tie the string around your head for size.

Hold the string up along the headwear for fit.

Use a mirror to check out style and colors.

We’ve helped 1000s find a good fit and will be happy to assist you.

Checkout Safety

A central checkout area will not be used. Simply work directly with one of us.

Square readers will be used for card and contactless sales. A stylist will be provided and sanitized.

Cash will be accepted.

24-hour Online Sales with Show Pickup

Order online 24-hours prior to the 1st day of the show and we will have your headwear ready for you to stop in at the show and pick it up at the show. The $4 online mailing charge will be paid back when you pick up your headwear at the show. If by chance you are unable to make it to the show, the headwear will be dropped in the mail following the show.

Rawls-Riley Creations has its products online at https://creativeheadwear.com/.

NOV 28 – Kansas City MO – City Market Farmers Market

Join us at the Farmers Market in the City Market of the River Market area of Kansas City MO. There will be great selections for tasty fresh fruits and vegetables, artists & crafters, shops, and great food in the local restaurants at the City Market. The market is the largest in the region bringing “Farm to Table” on a year-round basis and has been in operation since 1857.

Fleece is out and there are new ivy flat caps, military patrol caps, duckbill flat caps, fisherman caps, and slouchy beanies for fall and winter. The picture is of the adult beanies as we were preparing to create a new video. Rawls-Riley Creations headwear will be in the pavilion #3 which is the north most one and it is heated.
Parking is changed starting this week through March so customers will be able to drive in and park.
When: Sat.
Where: City Market in the River Market area of Kansas City MO between 5th Street and 3rd Street along Walnut Street
NEW Winter Hours Times: 9-3

For more information:
On City Market visit Web site: https://kcrivermarket.com/city-market/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RMCAKC/
On Rawls-Riley Creations visit https://creativeheadwear.com/ and https://foliesheadwear.com/

Fleece Adult Beanies 112620
Kansas City City Market Farmers Market Pavilion 1020

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