Practical handcrafted headwear from Kansas City. Motorcyclists inspired. Headwear enthusiasts expanded.

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Hair Bag Do Rag in Skulls Ribs Roses Ravens - back right

Hair Bag® Do Rags

3 Sizes Available

Do Rag in Navy Black Motley - front right

Do Rags

4 Sizes Available

Headband in Ripple Flames in Red Orange Yellow Blue - front right


4 Sizes Available

Welding Cap in Black White Skull Roses - front right

Welding Caps

4 Sizes Available

Skull Cap in Red White Blue American Flag Parts - left

Skull Caps

4 Sizes Available

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Boonie Hat in Navy White Pinstripe with Mesh - front

Boonie Hats

2 Sizes Available & Velcro Adjustment for Fit

Boonie Hat in Navy White Pinstripe with Mesh - front

Bucket Hats

2 Sizes Available & Velcro Adjustment for Fit

Duckbill Flat Cap in Brown Suiting - front right

Duckbill Flat Caps

2 Sizes Available

Fisherman Cap in Pink Roses Purple Blue Flowers - right

Fisherman Caps

Velcro Adjustment for Fit

Ivy Flat Cap in Navy Corduroy-right

Ivy Flat Caps

Slider Adjustment for Fit

Military Patrol in Glasses of Craft Beers on Black - right

Military Patrol Caps

All Weather Style has 3 Sizes Available & Velcro Adjustment for Fit

Shop Custom Hat Bands and Hats with the Custom Bands

Floppy Hat Band in Pink Turquoise Green White Hawaii Like Flowers on Black Ties Black - right

Custom Floppy Hat

Some Have Sizing Drawstring for Fit

Custom Safari Hat

Some Have Sizing Drawstring for Fit

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Welding Cap in Natural Nomex in HT315 - front

Nomex® Heat and Flame Resistant Headwear

4 Sizes Available in Welding Caps & 3 Sizes Available in Hair Bag Do Rags

Scrub Caps Short and Long Hair

Scrub Caps

4 Sizes Available & 3 Sizes Available for Long Hair Scrub Cap

Visor in Khaki - front left


D-ring for Fit

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Slouchy Beanie in Tan White Variegated Sweater Knit in Teardrop-right

Slouchy Beanies

4 Sizes Available

Newsboy in Red Rose Pink Squares-left


5 Sizes Available

Ear Warmer in Black-front right

Ear Warmers

5 Sizes Available

Beanie in Black-right


Baby 4 Sizes Avail, Youth 2 Sizes Avail, Adult 5 Sizes Avail

Headwear maker of 1000s delivers practical handcrafted quality in each and every creation. Be it your first or adding to your collection, you’re in the place to see our distinctively colorful headwear. Do get the one that strikes you. It’ll comfortably fit and there won’t be many like it. Absolutely as it should be.

Your business is truly appreciated and will impact this very small business right here in the USA. We look forward to being of service to you in your headwear journey.

Mom and Daughter Headbands at BBB 2017
Floppy Gray Pastel Cats Gals Pella 2018
Flat Cap Colorado Springs 19
Military Hair Bag GLSR19
Skull Pella 19

Rawls-Riley Creations Headwear Fans Say It Best…

“Still holding strong after almost everyday use. Very well-made. I’ll be getting another when you come back to Decatur,IL.” 

Comfortable do rags in 4 sizes.

Jay C.

Do Rag in US Army, Decatur IL

Hair bag® do rags are a big hit! “Thanks so much! Hope you sell lots of pink bandanas!!!” Teresa got first custom bandana one & has 4 hair bags. 

Got long hair? Don’t cut it. Bag it in a hair bag® do rag.

Teresa S.

Hair Bag® Do Rag, West Chicago IL

This weekend we went on a ride that was about 150 miles. I put on my headband and it was great. It did not budge!” 

Headbands that fit stay put. 4 sizes available.

Kristy J.

Headband, Olathe KS

Grandma enjoys reading “Go, Dog. Go!” book to her grandson. Next time they are together she’s going to ask him, “Do you like my hat?”

Floppy hats & fedoras with unique bands you mix-‘n’-match to make the hat you like most.


Floppy Hat with Handcrafted Band, Pella IA

About the Headwear

Making headwear for the biker community and families at arts & craft shows and festivals makes the sewn headwear collection unique from Rawls-Riley Creations. All our designs deliver protection and originate right here in Kansas City. Nothing is made in huge quantities and many retain their distinctive appeal simply because they are one of a kind. Requests to make something special just for you are always welcomed. Many get their first at a show where they can try it and talk directly to the maker Becky Rawls-Riley. Others find theirs right here at

Biker Headwear

From its origins in making do rags for bikers, Rawls-Riley Creations expanded its headwear for the community. Do rags in sizes cover youth size to really big heads. It created hair bag® do rags in sizes for long hair riders. Headbands with staying power fit come in sizes making them very popular. When do rag ties and tail feel like too much, go with a basic skull cap or a welding cap to get a bill for style or a bit more coverage along the neckline. Either way, these caps come in sizes and are definitely preferred by those who can’t seem to tie tight enough to keep anything on their head. The gals really appreciate the materials available in head wraps.

Head Wraps on 2 Boulder
Headband GLSR19
Skull Cap GLSR19
Do Rag PT19
Welding BBBQ19
Hair Bag Raven BBB18

Arts & Crafts Shows and Festivals Headwear

Joining the arts and crafts vendor world required its handcrafted headwear line grow to include new styles. Custom floppy hats with mix-‘n’-match bands are a hit for gals who prefer to feel the heat in style. Cloth caps provide just the right coverage for guys who got off without their hat that morning and pushed maker Becky Rawls-Riley to begin making some good ol’ dad favorites. With show season extending even into the first of November she designed warm fleece headwear in sizes for newborns through grandpa and grandmas.

Grandson in Military Patrol Cap Dig It
Flat Cap Blue White Pinstripe
Floppy Hat with Turquoise Butterflies and Olive on Mom and Daughter
Beanie Camo Newsboy MV18
Sisters Biker+Slouchy Beanie MV19
Floppy Hat Purple Roses Amelia Earhart 2018
Head Wrap in Flowers on Pink Worn in Rosie Riveter Style

Customers Guide Creations

Rawls-Riley Creations designs all of its headwear and new styles are added to the collection each year. Each product is taken to shows where it will be put directly into the hands of those who just look and those who get one right away. Designer Becky Rawls-Riley is always interested in hearing what they think. Most of the creations will get improved based on suggestions. All of the headwear is guided into becoming what our customers appreciate. Join us in the headwear journey and become a part of the process. Get your first Rawls-Riley Creations headwear and come back to get another.

Tent Wamego Tulip 2017

Getting the Headwear is Easy

With the maker based in Olathe KS, the headwear is taken to biker events, arts & crafts shows, and festivals in the neighboring 7+ states here in the Midwest each year. It is sold across the U.S. via this web site. Custom requests come in directly for special headwear via email [email protected].

Nut Roaster Likes It

Hot summer show neighbor needed a bit of relief while she was making her delicious smelling German roasted nuts. She has gotten caps for family members and herself over the years. The year she got her visor she gave it a work out by wearing it during the entire show. I was pleased to get her, “I like it!”

Visit The Nut Hutte web site at

Jan I.

Fremont NE

Motorcycling for Me

After a few years on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, in 2000 I decided to take a class and learn to ride on my own. I started on a Honda Rebel, graduated to a fun Buell Blast, and currently have a Harley-Davidson Sportster.

Becky R-R.

Bikers Gotta Have Headgear that Works

The bikers I know want to have something they can use. When I began to try selling the do rags I made, they were supportive enough to tell me what they did not like so I could deliver headwear that really works for them. They made it possible for me to become a self-taught headwear maker.

Now, for my new designs that might work for them, I take it to shows for their input. If you want to know the honest truth, ask a biker.

The biker community continues to be supportive of my work. I appreciate hearing their stories about how my headwear makes their ride better. I am grateful for all their help along my headwear making journey.

2020 Lawrence SFT Vintage Motorcycle Show

Comfortable Do Rags

Our do rags have a traditional look. The do rag uniqueness in these come in the band and sizes. The band has comfortable terry and the back elastic gives it a hat-like fit. Available in four sizes, they deliver real comfort. Press here for the do rags.

He came to the Decatur Celebration the first time and could not resist getting the fluorescent yellow do rag. He said he had a shirt that would match. Low and behold, the next day he came back wearing the do rag and that shirt. Scott was happy to get his picture with me. It’s been great to have him stop by at the tent over the years.


Do Rag, Decatur IL

Do Rags Lead to Custom Work

Once you have your own bike, it doesn’t take long to dive into all those add-ons that could make it just a bit more like you really want. Make it faster, more chrome, louder pipes, saddlebags for trips, a windshield bag to hold the spare do rag for those times you get caught in the rain.

Customization does not stop with the bike. It extends to what you wear when you ride. Dew rags top the list to complete the look. It was custom requests for do rags that began to roll in as bikers learned I actually make the do rags and they were really talking directly with the maker at shows. A special doo rag would work to meet their need and match their bike. Do reach out and let me create the look that will be outstanding on you. You deserve it.

Custom Requests

Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create something special just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

Press here to see about the custom headwear made for other customers.


Some of the Custom Requested Do Rags and Hair Bag Do Rags

Hair Bag How To 3 Pictures
Hair Bag Black White Flower BBB18

Only Way To Deal with Those Issues is to Cut It Off. NOT so Fast!

Tell me you’ve heard that lots and I know exactly what you are dealing with. I like long hair. Always have. It’s me. I will deal with it rather than cut it off. With the hair bag® do rag I smile and bag it.

It was all those sharp bobby pins that drove the gal to ask for help when she learned I actually made the do rags I had at the mototcycle bike ride. She pulled off the bandana to show them to me. Oh, my! She had lots. With her super fine cobweb-like textured hair she had a bit more of an issue to deal with than I have with mine. She had an idea of what she thought might work, but I already quickly thought of how I could make something using the do rag as the base. I created the hair bag® do rag for her.

The next time I saw her, her long hair was not under a bandana. It was flowing behind her. She was pleased to let me know the hair bag® worked.  Press here for everything hair bag® do rag.

Miss Roxy's Bakery Sunflowers Hair Bag
Welder Tricia Adams - All The Hair in the Hair Bag Do Rag Welding

Bag It in a Hair Bag® Do Rag

The hair bag® do rag is a do rag with a pocket on the back for longer hair. It is used by those with long hair to keep it clean, contained, and out of the way. Think healthcare, food service, meat packing, boating, bicycling, motorcycling, hiking, running, jogging, mechanics, welding, painting, wood working, and even scuba diving. These work for the super fine hair, straight hair, curly hair, and come is sizes. Your hair just needs to be long enough to go into the pocket. We will have one to work for you or can make one that will give you the look you want.

Definitely don’t cut it. Bag it. Press here for the hair bag® do rags. 

Folies Headwear

The Folies Headwear is the practical Rawls-Riley Creations styles made in custom and environmentally friendly fabric. Take a look at all of those by pressing here

Folies Headwear Black Rose Logo

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Headwear is sold at shows. Catch us at a show to see all the new headwear and try it. Talk with us for advice on what may work best for your needs.

Check out the pop-up show schedule by pressing here.

Custom Requests

Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create something special just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

Press here to see about the custom headwear made for other customers.


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