Nomex® Heat and Flame Resistant Headwear

Welders, pipefitters, power plant workers and many more will definitely want to consider the added value Nomex® provides to the headwear. Made with Nomex® fabric, the heat and flame resistant properties are only available with DuPont’s Nomex® brand fibers. This headwear is made in a very, lightweight Nomex® material from Stern EWS (formerly Stern & Stern Industries, Inc.)


Nomex® heat and flame resistant headwear

Available Nomex® Headwear

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Nomex® Headwear Details

Nomex® brand fiber is a registered product of DuPont that is heat and flame resistant.The fabric for this headwear uses spun Nomex in a plain weave and is lightweight. Certificate of compliance is provided for the material and is provided by the manufacturer, Stern EWS (formerly Stern & Stern Industries, Inc.)

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Material Color is Not Fixed

Heat and sunlight exposure does make the color change in the material and it may appear discolored. There is nothing wrong with the material, it is just the way it responds. It’s simply a property of the material. 

The material may be dyed, as desired.


How to Get Specific Pattern Details

Stern EWS uses pattern numbers for each of their materials. To find details on each pattern, search the company web site for the pattern number. For Example:



Welding on 3 20

Welding Caps

Get welding caps style details.

Do Rag on 3 20

Do Rags

Get do rags style details.

Hair Bag Do Rag on 3 20

Hair Bags

Get hair bag® do rags style details.

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