Cloche Hats

Cloche Hat with Flower

Cloche Hat with Flower

The cloche hat was created in 1908 as a fitted, bell-shaped hat. This updated hat has a full, 2″ brim and a large flower. Being 100% fleece, it is a warm hat that easily folds to fit in a pocket, won’t get ruined from a bit of rain or snow and can be pulled down over the ears to keep them out of a cold winter’s wind. Our cloche hats are also very comfortable as well as functional.

Get that center stage pizzazz with the large flower that may be worn any direction: sideways for a coy or retro-look, front and center for a look-at-me attention getter or backwards as a surprise. The cloche hat is very versatile by design. There are three very different looks that can be achieved with our cloche hat.

The cloche hat brim may be turned up for a fun look or, if it is really cold, pull the easy to adjust hat brim to the face and down along the neckline for a bit more warmth. These are very feminine hats for ladies but girls enjoy cloche hats as well.  Little girls like the way the larger brim makes it easy to pull on cloche hats. Proving the versatility of these hats is not lost on girls of any age.

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Available Cloche Hats

Check out the available cloche hats below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

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Just the Hat for Me

It is so exciting to attend the many shows and see what our customers thoughts are on the many hats we have available. Perhaps, just as important we also see what hats they would like us to include in our future inventory. Being able to meet our customers  is a very important part of our business. This is one reason we participate in so many of the shows around the different venues. We appreciate each and every one. Below is listed just a few of the customers that were met at some of our recent shows. These  customers impacted us so we wanted to mention their experiences.

Cloche with Flower Hat in Blue Tie Dye Print - front

Cloche with Flower Hat in Blue Tie Dye Print – front

The first lady to get the blue tie dye cloche hat came to the Garden Show in Topeka with her daughter and husband. She had on a light blue, full coat with a white lamb’s wool-looking collar. Her naturally, curly hair was white with a touch of brown. As she slipped her hat choice on her curly bangs peaked out from under the cloche hat brim and along her neckline as she pulled the hat on. Being a petite lady, she went with the smallest size and was delighted that it fit her small head. She looked so nice in all that blue that matched her eyes. It was a great choice for blue was obviously her color. She had a big smile as she continued on to enjoy the show wearing her new cloche hat. Press here for the blue tie dye cloche hat in the smallest size to get this one for you or to give as a gift.

Cloche with Flower Hat in Blue Rope - front

Cloche with Flower Hat in Blue Rope – front

The blue rope cloche hat was featured on the mannequin on top of the post when it caught her eye. She had been shopping through all of the many items featured at the show but the color and design of this particular cloche hat had her attention. She was truly taken by it. It drew her in, she took it off and pulled it on. While she did look at a few more hats, the look of herself in the mirror with that hat on was all it took for her to know that cloche hat was definitely the one for her. She liked the style and how comfortable it was.

Cloche with Flower Hat in Bright Speckle Print - left

Cloche with Flower Hat in Bright Speckle Print – left

The bright speckled cloche hat in the smaller size has been popular with the little girls. At the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin City we had a young girl try it on during the first day of the show only to return the next day with both parents to get it.

We were so glad we still had the cloche hat she had wanted as she loved it enough to come back for it.

At Bikers for Babies in Kansas City, a girl who was about 3 was looking at the cloche hat with her mother. The bright speckled cloche hat was the one they liked best after viewing the many available cloche hats in her size. She looked so cute with her long straight blond hair complimented with the bit of yellow in the speckles. Our hats with yellow in their designs always look nice against blonde hair.

Cloche with Flower Hat in Blue and Brown Plaid - front

Cloche with Flower Hat in Blue and Brown Plaid – front

The first lady to get the blue and brown plaid cloche hat was going to a wedding soon. She had the dress, but what could she do for the family pictures? She knew she wanted a hat but was unsure of what type of hat. Then she saw the plaid cloche hat with the blues and browns and knew it was a perfect choice. She would have several more months of treatments, so this one would see her through the pictures and the cooler winter days. Press here for this hat.

Cloche Hat with Flower in Green White Plaid - front

Cloche Hat with Flower in Green White Plaid – front

The first, green and white plaid cloche hat went to the lady who came to the show with her husband. While it was the largest size, she could not be certain this was a good fit until she did a quick change into it without the wig. Perfect! This hat with its cloche design would be ideal for those quick trips that she had to run. Her husband also really liked the colors on her making this a perfect cloche hat choice for her. Press here for this hat.

Cloche Hat in Blue on SM

Cloche Hat in Blue on SM

It was all about the blue for sister-in-law, Sandra. She loves the design of the cloche hats anyway so throw in some blue and we have a great match. Press here for this popular hat.

All of Our Cloche Hats—Made in the USA

All of our cloche hats are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in Kansas City—right in the heart of America.

My Head is a Different Size

When the cloche hats were introduced in December of 2014, the collection had the most popular sizes and includes from the youth L-XL through adult L. Press any of the following to see the available cloche hats in the respective sizes. Youth L-XL Adult S | Adult M | Adult L

If all else fails and you are unable to find a cloche hat that fits your larger noggin, please give us the opportunity to make a custom one that will be a perfect size for you. We want you to be comfortable! Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] to talk about it.

Machine-Washable Cloche Hats

Cloche hats are 100% machine-washable and machine-dryable.  Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. Machine dry on low or air dry. Do NOT iron. They look great wash after wash. The durable, 100% fleece retains it shape and color. The easy care of our cloche hats as well as the stylish designs are what make our cloche hats so popular.

Cloche Hats – Product Info

We have materials with prints and solids in our cloche hat collection. Some of our customers are looking for a cloche hat for a specific outfit while others are looking for a hat that can match many outfits. They may want to have a pattern of a specific color to perhaps their favorite sports team. We are excited to say we have many of the color combinations customers are searching for in our hats. Perhaps a solid color cloche hat would be a great fit into your fall or winter wardrobe. It is always a smart fashion accessory to have your hat and gloves to match your coat. Many of our customers enjoy ordering several different colors of cloche hats as they enjoy the comfort and style of this fashionable and comfortable hat. It is not uncommon for customers to order one of our cloche hats only to return and buy additional cloche hats for gifts or for themselves.

  • 100% fleece
  • Available in sizes Youth—LG-XL (1 size) or Adult S/M/L
  • Ages 3-adult
  • 6 section design
  • Machine-wash and machine-dry
  • All cloche hats are made in USA

Press here to learn more about selecting a cloche hat that is a good fit for you or to give as a cloche hat gift.

Please press here to check out the other hats and caps available from Rawls-Riley Creations.

Custom Requests

Some of our cloche hats are popular. If by chance, one has been sold out when you are shopping please contact Rawls-Riley Creations to request one via a custom order when that happens.

Custom requests are welcome. See some of the custom work by pressing here. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] to talk about it.

Sold Archive

Press here to see the archive of sold cloche hats. Yes, some were custom fleece, cloche hat requests.

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