Newsboy Hats

Newsboy on Teen

Newsboy on Teen

Newsboy hats with an extra full, draping crown and soft, bill that helps avoid pesky sun glare. These extremely flexible, newsboy caps may be worn in many ways and then simply crunched for quick stowing in a pocket or coat sleeve. The packable, newsboy hats squeeze into a suit case, too. They always retain their original shape. Easy, throw in the wash with other clothes and no iron care makes this newsboy hat a nice addition to any active life-style.

Warm, fleece, newsboy hats are good for walking the dog, a quick trip to the store or getting home from the gym, shoveling snow, skiing, sledding, tailgating and catching a football game or simply hanging out with friends. Made from 100% fleece, the newsboy caps are not ruined by rain and snow simply brushes off so you will always look fine.

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Available Newsboys

Check out the available newsboy hats below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

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Get Your Newsboy Cap

The newsboy cap was popularized in the late 19th through early 20th centuries and takes its name from the young boys who’s job was to make the final delivery of the daily newspapers. Often, it was a first job for boys and they were frequently seen wearing some sort of flat cap as they delivered newspapers. A newsboy cap style begins with the basic flat cap and balloons the sectioned crown to achieve a fuller look. In the early 20th century flat caps and newsboys hats were used by laborers in England and the United States. They also enjoyed popularity, with those who could afford the luxuries of leisure activities such as golfing. Thus, the newsboy caps truly fill the unique role as the hat of choice for both work and leisure.

Newsboy Hat Get Baker Boy Hat Name

The latest trending name for the newsboy cap is baker boy cap and in 2017, designers started including them in their Fall lines. A typical baker cap is white and consists of a circular band topped with a loose-fitting, baggie crown that is big enough to be draped to the side, and it does not have a bill. Under this moniker, the caps lean toward nostalgia and strive to become a sweeping and comprehensive collection of hats. The newsboy cap got lumped into the style category that broadly includes captain caps that have a peaked crown and fisherman caps that have a soft, peaked crown.

Wear It Your Way

Depending upon how you prefer to wear hats; these extremely flexible, newsboy hats may be worn like a typical newsboy cap, baggy for a slouchy look or even sideways like a beret.  Drape the extra full crown to complete the look.

Traditional Newsboy Look

Newsboy Hat on SM

Newsboy Hat on SM

Select a newsboy hat size that will let it rest on the head just above the tops of the ears and along the widest part of the head to get a typical newsboy cap look. This is where a ball cap would ride, so it is easy for people to know what size that would be for a comfortable fit and Adult M or 22″ circumference is consider to be the one-size-fits-most size. Press here for a size chart.

Newsboy Hat in Black

Newsboy Hat in Black

By wearing the newsboy cap in this way; the extra full crown may be dropped off the back of the head as the pictures of Sandra M in her purple waves, newsboy hat show. Press here to see the available newsboy hats in the purple waves material.

Newsboy Hat in Red

Newsboy Hat in Red

For an artist look, drape the extra full crown forward to completely cover the band and rest on the bill. The picture of the black newsboy hat shows this draping. Press here to see the black newsboy hats.

Get a billowy, newsboy cap look by draping the extra full crown forward to rest only over some of the band. See the red newsboy cap pictures at the left for this draping and press here for them.

Baggy Look

Newsboy Hat on Becky R-R

Newsboy Hat on Becky R-R

Newsboy Hat in White - front

Newsboy Hat in White – front

Newsboy Hat in White - back

Newsboy Hat in White – back

Go big! For a baggy look that gives a slouchy appearance and lets the newsboy hat form a halo around the face, get a newsboy hat that is one size bigger. Yes, the hat will be big. See the picture of the white newsboy hat to learn how the hat should be worn to get the baggy look. Think headband when putting the hat on and position the band around the head like you would do when you put on a headband. Once on; pull the band over the ears as desired and give the extra full crown a brush down along the back of the head.

Prevent Matted Bangs

Gals with bangs should definitely consider going with this approach to wearing the newsboy hat. It will be following the hairline at the top of the forehead so the hat will rest behind your bangs, not on them. Bangs will not get matted down. Hat on or off; bangs will show off like they always do. 

Press here for the snowball, white newsboy hats.

Beret Look

Newsboy Hat in Red Worn Like Beret

Newsboy Hat in Red Worn Like Beret

The newsboy cap takes on a totally different look when it is worn like a beret. Put it on sideways and drape the extra full crown to the side. Press here for the red newsboy hats.

Bill Up or Down?

Newsboy on DFO

Newsboy on DFO

Flexibility applies to the bill of this newsboy hat, too. Photographers will appreciate begin able to get the bill out of the way while capturing pictures. Just turn it up. The picture of Diane in her blue tie dye, newsboy shows she likes wearing her bill turned up.

Hey, wear it any way you want. It’s a fun hat.

Keep Hair Out of the Way

Newsboy Hat in Blue and Orange Plaid - front right

Newsboy Hat in Blue and Orange Plaid – front right

Newsboy Hat in Blue and Orange Plaid - front left

Newsboy Hat in Blue and Orange Plaid – front left

Love long hair, but here it comes again. Another gust of wind, hair tossed into your face and up goes the hand to brush it out of the way. And, if the wind is steady, it will take more than a quick brush of the hand to keep the hair out of the way. Okay, maybe just stop and turn your face toward the wind for a reprieve. That darn wind makes you wonder how much more of the hair-in-the-face aggravation you can stand.

If you can related, by all means get your newsboy hat in the big size and let the extra full crown drape off the back of your head. The plaid newsboy picture on the right shows the hair loose along the neck so it can flow down your back. If the wind gets to playing havoc with your hair, simply tuck it in the draped crown, as shown in the plaid newsboy picture on the left, and let the newsboy hat hold it out of your face.

Press here for the blue and orange plaid newsboy.

Big Hair

Bob Marley popularized the rasta cap and it is a favorite to keep dreadlocks contained.  This newsboy cap’s extra full crown is big, so it will hold lots of hair like a rasta cap. Big, wavy hair can get unmanageable some days, so tuck it into the extra full crown and no one will know what a bad hair day it really is.  On better hair days, the bill gives you a handy way to pull off the newsboy hat and let your locks free.

It’s Cold Out There

Newsboy Hat on Santa

Newsboy Hat on Santa

It’s never too early to think of Christmas, as this Santa can attest.  He was so pleased to get a red, newsboy hat at the fall festival. He was getting ready for the cold days ahead when he will be spreading cheer to lots of boys and girls. Made of 100% fleece, the newsboy hat is a warm hat.

Press here for the warm, red, newsboy hat that Santa got.

Internet Shopping for “Fleece Newsboy Hats”

JB-Dark Gray Newsboy-right front 2017

JB-Dark Gray Newsboy-right front 2017

JB-Brown Knit Newsboy-left front 2017

JB-Brown Knit Newsboy-left front 2017

Internet shopping takes a pair of newsboy hats to New York and it was a trill to see the pictures that Jo B. sent with her email. “Your company was the only one that not only sold fleece newsboy hats but ones that were machine washable, reasonably priced and available in a variety of sizes and colors.  I look forward to doing business with your company again and will recommend you to others.  I’ve included a few photos of me in the two hats (brown white knit on black and dark gray, size: M) that I purchased.  Thank you.” — Jo B., Jamaica, NY 

Press here for the brown, white knit on black newsboy and here for the dark gray newsboy hats Jo got.

Popular Black Newsboy Hats

VP Black Newsboy

VP Black Newsboy

When sharing her picture in the black newsboy, she included the comments, “It fills my need for warmth over the ears, a brim to shade from nasty bright winter sun.” — Valerie P., Portland, OR

“Thank you for making this purchase experience so pleasurable, Becky. Fan for life now… Cheers!” was the email comment shared after making an exchange for a better size. — Tunde O., Burnsville, MN
Glad to provide the best size and with sizes from Youth L-XL|20″ circumference|6-3/8 hat size through Adult 3XL|26″ circumference|8-1/4 hat size, it is certainly possible to find one that will be just right for you, too. Press here for the black newsboy hats.
Newsboy Hat Gift from Dad

Newsboy Hat Gift from Dad

Newsboy Hat Gifts

Searching for just the right gift is a lot easier when the hat you want comes in several colors to match coats and gloves or you’re simply wanting one in a favorite color. These newsboy caps are warm, soft, packable and, because they can be worn in so many ways, they are a good choice.

Tod D liked the newsboy hat style so well, he bought one for each of his daughters and his wife. He got a nice burgundy one, royal purple one and one with purple waves. Having three; they could decide who wanted to wear what color that day. He shared the picture of one of his daughters in the burgundy one.

Press here for the burgundy newsboy.

Popular Style

Still not sure about the style? What age is the person you are trying to buy the hat for? Teens and young adults like it. They compliment it when I am out and about wearing mine and they like it on Facebook.

Check out the available newsboy hats above and get your gift today. Two of Tod’s hats were custom requests for that special color. Should you have something special in mind, let us know by calling 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

All of Our Newsboy Hats—Made in the USA

All of our newsboy hats are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in Kansas City—right in the heart of America.

My Head is a Different Size

When the newsboy hats were introduced in December of 2014, the collection had the most popular sizes and includes from the youth L-XL through adult L. Press any of the following to see the available newsboy hats in the respective sizes. Youth L-XL Adult S | Adult M | Adult L

If all else fails and you are unable to find a newsboy hat that fits your larger noggin, please give us the opportunity to make a custom one that will be a perfect size for you. We want you to be comfortable! Remember, for the baggie look, go one size larger than you typically would require. It will add only one more inch in the circumference, but you will appreciate the bigger, baggie look. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] to talk about it.

Machine-Washable Newsboy Hats

Newsboy hats are 100% machine-washable and machine-dryable.  Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. Machine dry on low or air dry. Do NOT iron. They look great wash after wash. The durable, 100% fleece retains it shape and color. The easy care of our newsboy caps as well as the stylish designs are what make our newsboy hats so popular.

Newsboy Hats—Product Info

We have materials with prints and solids in our newsboy hat collection. Some of our customers are looking for a newsboy cap for a specific outfit while others are looking for a hat that can match many outfits. They may want to have a pattern of a specific color to perhaps their favorite sports team. We are excited to say we have many of the color combinations customers are searching for in our hats. Perhaps a solid color newsboy cap would be a great fit into your fall or winter wardrobe. It is always a smart fashion accessory to have your hat and gloves to match your coat. Many of our customers enjoy ordering several different colors of newsboy hats as they enjoy the comfort and style of this fashionable and comfortable hat. It is not uncommon for customers to order one of our newsboy cap only to return and buy additional newsboy caps for gifts or for themselves.

  • 100% fleece
  • Available in sizes Youth—L-XL (1 size) or Adult S/M/L
  • Ages 3-adult
  • 6 section design
  • Machine-wash and machine-dry
  • All newsboy hats and newsboy caps are made in USA

Press here to learn more about selecting a newsboy hat that is a good fit for you or to give as a newsboy cap gift.

Please press here to check out the other hats and caps available from Rawls-Riley Creations and here for the other fleece caps and hats.

Custom Requests

Some of our newsboys are popular. If by chance, one has been sold out when you are shopping please contact Rawls-Riley Creations to request one via a custom order when that happens.

Custom requests are welcome. See some of the custom work by pressing here. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected] to talk about it.

Sold Archive

Press here to see the archive of sold newsboy hats. Yes, some were custom newsboy cap requests.

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