Beanie Caps

Beanie caps are favorites for all ages on cool, weather days. Their simple, tube-like, shape makes it possible to just pull on and go. Eliminates fussing with how it look.

The simple cap covers the head and some of the ears. Stash it into a pocket for quick use when the weather turns cool and unpredictable. Add one under a helmet when bicycling, performing in a marching band, motorcycling and on construction sites for layering and comfort. 

Beanie on 3 Blue Tie Dye Red Black

Beanie caps are favorite, cool weather caps for all ages.

Beanies in Virtual Festival

Rawls-Riley Creations created Virtual Festivals on beanie caps for baby caps, youth caps, and adult size caps. Please check them out to see the beanies at the shows.


Size: Baby Newborn | Baby 3 Month | Baby 6 Month | Baby 12 Month | Youth S-M Youth L-XL Adult S Adult M Adult L | Adult XL | Adult XXL

Colors: Black | Blue | Brown | Gray | Green | Orange | Pink | Purple | Red | White | Yellow

Check out the available beanies below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

Beanies for All Ages and Times

Beanie hats are so basic, everyone seems to know how to use them. Even the smallest child will hold the cap on the sides and quickly try to pull it on their head. Like most headwear, beanies flow in and out of popularity over the years, but when you just need something to throw on quickly that easily stuffs in a coat pocket, beanies are hard to beat, cool weather, hats.

The beanie has been used since the 18th century by those who worked outdoors in cold weather. It was originally made from wool as a round, knitted cap that hugged the head to provide protection for those working on the seas, in the mountains and hunting. The Canadians referred to the style of cap as a tuque.

One girl bought a fleece cap when they were first released at the Maple Leaf Festival in 2013. She stopped by the booth three years later to show us that she still really liked wearing her zebra cap. It really looked good on her.

Her mom loved the way it was so easy to run it through the wash and have it coming out looking good every time. What a great value for the money and a good find for them! A cap the daughter loves to wear year after year is appreciated.

Baldwin City KS

Flower Cap for Granddaughter

Initially, fleece was available in only the one-size-fits-all size. It was beanies, beanies with flowers, beanies with pinwheels, and roll up beanies. My granddaughter wanted a flower cap when she saw them. As a first grader, it looked so cute on her.

Baby Shower Beanie Cap

The baby shower was held mid-summer. Everyone knew the mom was excited to be having a boy and, as this was her first little one, she was in need of anything and everything so shopping would be easy. There were gifts to make it easier to care for the baby and then there were those for him to wear. The baby cap was perfect! The beanie cap was selected to proudly announce to the world “this is a boy.”

Grandma was at one of the early holiday shows, so she was thinking of gifts for the kids and wanted something special for the littlest addition to the family. The camouflage beanie cap seemed just right. That Thanksgiving was cool and guess who would show up without a cap. YEAH! Grandma had just the right thing. She could not wait ’til Christmas. That was the day the beanie was given. Everyone enjoyed seeing the little guy in his beanie cap and he was impressed, too.

Peggy N.

Olathe KS

Since 1958, the Maple Leaf Festival of Baldwin City KS has been held on the third weekend of October because that is the best weekend to enjoy the beautiful Fall colors. This year was not an exception. The leaves were pretty and it was cool enough to bring out the jackets. The beanie caps were a draw to the lady in the light blue, hooded sweatshirt. She found a matching cap and looked so nice in the picture. The cap will easily stash into the sweatshirt pocket for easy stowing as the day warmed and come out again that evening.

Baldwin City KS

The weather took a nose dive at the Apple Butter Makin’ Days in Mount Vernon, so fleece definitely was needed. They was walking past, when the camouflage fleece cap caught his eye and he told her he was going to do some shopping. Perfect! It fit. Glad to get a selfie with him in his camo beanie and me in my newsboy.

Press here to check out the newsboys.

Mount Vernon MO

Be Seen Colored Beanies

When being seen is a must, go for beanies in bolder, bright, colors.

Yellow is a must for those working construction, truck driving and those who need to be seen. Orange is good for hunters and hikers. Green is another bright color that kids appreciate as an alternative to yellow and orange. Check out fluorescent or neon colors.


I was searching the internet for “orange fleece hats” because my husband & I like to hike – even during hunting season… We thought your hats looked “visible,” warm & stylish.” Not seeing the sizes she needed, Brenda sent her request for a pair of long hats and a cloche hat in orange. The custom hats were created and dropped in the mail. Upon getting notice that the hats were on the way, she commented, “Thanks for the prompt service!” It was so nice to receive the picture she took of her husband while they were out hiking. He looks so nice in his orange hat.

Brenda D.

Wenatchee WA


Need a Roll Up Style Beanie?

The longer roll up style beanie is no longer carried in the available hats offered online or at shows. That length is available via a custom request. Please reach out to let me know of your interest in getting one made for you.

Beanies in Lots of Sizes

When the beanie hats were introduced at their first show in the Fall of 2013, there was only the typical one-size-fits-most or adult M size. The kids liked seeing all of the colors and could not resist getting one, even though it was really too big for the younger children. They just rolled up more of the length and they were good to go. Parents liked the idea of being able to get several years of use out of the hat, so they were happy to buy a warm, hat the kids were going to use. Press here for the Adult M size beanies.

My Head is Smaller

Some of the ladies would say they had a smaller head and some of the kids would simply be swimming in the excess, so the requests would come for a smaller size. The adult S size was introduced and it fits those ages 6 to 10 years of age, and still the requests for smaller cropped up. Now; they are available in youth sizes, too. The starting size is Youth S-M which fits ages 2 to 3 year olds and Youth L-XL for those 3 to 5 year olds. Press here for the Youth S-M size, here for Youth L-XL and here for the Adult S size.

My Head is Larger

Those who prefer the baggy look and really felt the hat was a bit too tight would ask for a larger size. So Adult L and Adult XL were introduced at the same time. Some would say they have a larger head and some of those gals and guys would try on the Adult XL and still say that it was too small. Really! Yes, really. The beanie hats now are available in Adult XXL. Press here for Adult L, here for Adult XL and here for the Adult XXL size.

Yes, bigger sizes are available by special request.

Baby Caps

Expecting moms, new parents, grandparents, family members, and friends were not to be left out in their requests for still, smaller caps. Baby beanies are now available and some have flowers on them. Press here for Baby Newborn, here for Baby 3 Month, here for Baby 6 Month, and here for Baby 12 Month.

Beanie Details

Beanie on 3 Blue Tie Dye Red Black

Machine-Washable Beanie Caps

Beanie hats are 100% machine-washable and machine-dryable.  Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent. Machine dry on low or air dry. Do NOT iron. They look great wash after wash. The durable, 100% fleece retains it shape and color. 


Lightweight Warm Hat

100% fleece makes these beanie caps warm. Fleece is a good alternative to wool for its warmth when allergic to wool, sensitive to wool’s texture and it is a fraction of the weight of woolen material.



Fleece beanies retain their shape. Packable in a pocket or suitcase. Easily folds up for stowing in a coat sleeve.


Water and Snow Shake Off

Fleece is made from polyester. It is “hydrophobic” which means it does not attract moisture. In fact, it will only hold up to 1% of its weight in water. Good news when caught in a quick rain shower or snow. Simply brush off snow and shake off rain. The beanie always retains its shape. Do plan ahead for down pours as umbrellas still are suggested in times like that.

Many beanies are made in fleece.

Beanie Styles

Beanie hats are basic caps. These beanie caps have difference styles.

Beanie in Black-front


Beanies are as plain as possible so they really are just a beanie. Most are  single-layer caps with a double-layer band and a six-section crown. Kids are drawn to this cap because it really is a pull-on-and-go cap.

Beanie with Flower in Pink Flowers with Yellow Lines on Navy with Flower-front

Beanie with Flower

The beanie with flower, style adds an attention getting, big, flower to the beanie. Get the appeal you want by putting the flower toward the side or front.


Sizes make these beanie caps fit and they come in newborns up to XXL sizes.

Special request for bigger sizes are welcomed.

Baby Caps

  • Baby Newborn has “15” on the label and is Circumference – 15″
  • Baby 3 Month has “16” on the label and is Circumference – 16″
  • Baby 6 Month has “17” on the label and is Circumference – 17″
  • Baby 12 Month has “18” on the label and is Circumference – 18″

Youth Caps

  • Youth S-M has “19” on the label and is Youth S-M / Circumference – 19″ / 6 Hat Size 
  • Youth L-XL has “20” on the label and is Youth L-XL / Circumference – 20″ / 6-3/8 Hat Size


Adult Caps

  • Adult S has “21” on the label and is Adult S / Circumference – 21″ / 6-5/8 Hat Size
  • Adult M has “22” on the label and is Adult M / Circumference – 22″ / 7 Hat Size
  • Adult L has “23” on the label and is Adult L / Circumference – 23″ / 7-3/8 Hat Size
  • Adult XL has “24” on the label and is Adult XL / Circumference – 24″ / 7-5/8 Hat Size
  • Adult XXL has “25” on the label and is Adult XXL / Circumference – 25″ / 8 Hat Size

Custom Request Success

“Hey Becky,  thanks so much for my Greenbay Packer’s Hat.  I LOVE IT…I LOVE IT!!!  The pinwheel was the perfect thing to add to it!  Here is a picture as I promised!!!!  At some point I am sure that I will be back in touch to have you create another hat for me.  Enjoy your thanksgiving and….thanks again!!!”

Karen R

East Peoria IL

Made in the U.S.A.

All of Our Beanies —

Made in the USA

All of our beanies are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in the United States of America.


How Do I Measure My Head Size?

Press here to learn how to measure your head. It will help in selecting the best size for you or to give as a gift.

Custom Requests

Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create something special just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

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