2020 JULY 12 How to Keep a Floppy Hat Looking Good

A floppy hat that gets a lot of wear will sometimes need a bit of care. In this video you will learn a few simple steps that you could easily do to get more life out of that hat. Learn to clean it and what you can do to help a floppy keep its shape as Becky Rawls-Riley shows you how.

Becky is the maker of the headwear at Rawls-Riley Creations and she makes lots of hat bands that are popular on floppy hats. You can wear those bands on one of your favorite hats or find a floppy hat like this with a band. See the variety in the hat bands and how lovely they are on others who got them, learn about getting a custom hat band created special for you, and much more floppy hat band stuff. Links for more: Floppy Hats | Floppy Hat Bands | Customized Hats and Bands 

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