Custom Hats with Unique Hat Bands

Make the hat that will be as unique as you. No need to wear a hat that looks like so many others when you can go with a special look you create.

Begin with a popular hat style by selecting a floppy hat, fedora or safari hat and add a band to make a combination hat that you like most. Our hat bands are made in extremely limited quantities. Many are one-of-a-kind. You can create a hat that will give you just the right look and appeal you are striving for.

Get a hat band for use on a hat you already have or for use on a custom fedora, floppy or safari hat.

Customized hats with unique bands. Get a floppy, fedora or safari hat and complete the look with a hat band.

Floppy Hats, Fedoras and Bands in Virtual Festivals

A pair of Virtual Festivals created by Rawls-Riley Creations. One features floppy hats and bands. The other focuses on fedora hats and bands. Please check it out to see the hats and bands at the shows.

Customizable Hats

Hats that can be customized are not all the same. Go with a fedora hat, which is popular for guys and gals, or go with a floppy or safari hat for lots of shade.

Our hats are shipped paired with a hat band. They use Velcro to attach the hat band. Select a hat and then select a hat band to complete the look you want for your hat. It will be combined to be just the hat you like.

Custom hats only ship paired with a hat band. Please choose both.

Step 1: Select a Fedora, Floppy or Safari Hat to Begin Your Custom Hat

Step 1 is to pick a hat. These hats are customizable with a hat band. The hat and band will be shipped as a pair, so select a hat first and then select your band.

Fedora Hats

Fedoras have a shaped brim that curves down along the front and up in back. The crown is creased and its front pinch makes it easy to put on and take off. If a fedora is the style you want for your custom hat, press here for the fedoras.

Safari Hat

Safari Hats

Safaris have a full brim and the crown is creased and its front pinch makes it easy to put on and take off. If a safari is the style you want for your custom hat, press here for the safaris.

Floppy Hats

Foppy hat brims really provide a lot of shade and are great for sunny days. If a floppy is the style you want for your custom hat, press here for the floppy hats.

Step 2: Select a Hat Band to Complete Your Custom Hat

Step 2 is to pick a hat band for your custom hat. They will be shipped as a pair, so select the hat band you like.

Fedora Hat Bands

Fedora hat bands are bands with a securing loop. On fedoras and floppy hats they will be a simple band. They are not long enough to tie and get a bow. If you want a bow, select a floppy hat band.

Press here for a fedora band to complete your custom hat.

Floppy Hat Bands

Floppy hat bands are bands that are long enough to tie in a bow. Works nicely on a floppy hat or fedora hat. Ways to wear it on either hat include the following:

  • Tie in a bow and leave the remains of the ties out
  • Tie in a bow and tuck in the remains of the ties
  • Tie in a square knot and tuck in the remains of the ties

Press here for a floppy band to complete your custom hat.

“I love my hat and hat band ,and your hand written note🙂,” was included in the email from Terri after getting her floppy hat and handcrafted hat band. 

With the followup email she included a picture.

The hat is just as pictured and the hat band is beautiful!
Fast delivery and Becky sends a hand written note, which is so personal and sweet. I will definitely be placing more orders.
Thanks Becky

Terri P.

Laceyville PA

Floppy Hat Sunflowers TP20

Fedoras Selected by Guys and Gals

When the fedoras were introduced into our headwear collection in 2018, they were the selected headwear for guys and gals.

At the SantaCaliGon Days that year, the fedoras drew in some people who were not wearing hats. The afternoon sun felt so hot, they were feeling a need for a bit of relief. It was a different style from the typical ball cap that they so often saw.

The guy found the light, colored fedora seemed to have a fit he liked and the brighter hat band matched well with the shirt he was wearing.

The gal was pleased with the way the structured, black fedora looked and appreciated its open weave. It was the color combination in the pencil, hat band that she selected that gave her the conservative look she wanted.

Glad to get the picture of both of them in their fedora.


So Many Compliments

A lady purchased her floppy hat at the Turkey Creek Festival. It had a sparkly orange hat band and looked very nice on her. The next time I saw her, I recognized the hat as I spotted her wearing it at the Lenexa Spinach Festival. Because she gets so many compliments, she wears it everywhere. She and her daughter stopped to get some cards to make it easy to let everyone know where they can get a hat, too.

Merriam KS

Looking Good on the Trip

She was certain her daughter-in-law would really like the hats and she was right. Shortly after that, the daughter-in-law came to check out the hats as she exclaimed, “Oh, look at the hats!” She initially tried on the smaller brim hats, but was drawn to the widest brim hat which looked so nice with her long, dark hair and bangs. She asked her husband for his thoughts on the brims and with a smile he said, “You look nice in both, but you could really do with the bigger hat.” With the Orlando trip in a couple of weeks, she agreed that it would be better to get more shade from the floppy hat. It was the light colored hat band that she really wanted to complete the look. 

Baldwin City KS

Mexico Trip Hat

The excitement was building for her as she was thinking about her upcoming trip. She was definitely shopping with a purpose and the floppy hats caught her attention at the Edwardsville Days show. She quickly selected the black hat because it would match her black bathing suit that she had just gotten for the Mexico trip. She was heading out next week. She wanted a way to draw attention to the hat without adding a new color. She knew she would really have several days that she could wear the hat and could not be certain what color that outfit might be. To be safe, definitely basic white for the hat band.

Edwardsville KS

Unique Floppy Hats

These four ladies were at the Ponca City OK Herb Festival and had to each get a floppy hat. They enjoyed selecting their hat and making it special with a unique hat band. They look so nice in their hats!

Ponca City OK

All The Girls Like Floppy Hats

The daughters had just completed their routine in the Excelsior Springs Waterfest entertainment venue, so they now had time to shop. Both daughters and the mom were dressed in purple.  The youngest daughter found a floppy hat she really liked that had a smaller brim. This was the beginning of their shopping, so they wanted to take a look at the rest of the things at the show and might be back.

A bit later; they returned and the youngest daughter got her hat with a pink leopard hat band. Mom selected a hat with a purple hat band so it was a perfect match for her dress. They were happy to pose for a quick picture together.

The oldest daughter decided she wanted a floppy hat and went with the wide brim like her mom’s with a piano hat band and was pleased to have her picture taken, too.

Excelsior Springs MO

Shouldn’t I Know You?

One admirer couldn’t resist coming up and asking, “Shouldn’t I know you? Are you a famous person that I am just having a problem recalling your name?” Oh my! The hat made her look so good that she got lots of compliments as she continued on after carefully selecting her floppy hat at SantaCaliCon Days. The experience impressed her so much that she returned the next day to share her story.

The hat bands are interchangeable, so you pick a hat and a band to make the custom hat you like. In her case; she had to seriously consider the hats and combinations she wanted. She really had a hard time selecting between two hat and her friends agreed that they both looked nice on her. I thought she looked so outstanding that I couldn’t resist getting a picture before she began her stroll which garnered her the “shouldn’t I know you” compliment.

Yes, she did get the second hat that second day when she returned to share her admirer story.

Independence MO

Sunny Day Hats

Pella was filled with nice, sunny days in 2017. Perfect for floppy hats. A mom found a hat that worked well and she was pleased to pose for the picture with her daughters.

Two friends stopped by and selected floppy hats and the next day the gal on the right came back for a second hat.

A mom was glad her daughter found a skull cap for her welding and she found a floppy hat. Mom is very proud of her welder, daughter!  Press here for the skull caps.

No Doubt About It. It’s Hot Today!

That hot sun was beating down on everyone on that summer day back in July at the Adel Sweet Corn Festival. There was a slight breeze, but not really enough to keep you cooled down.

He had come to the show without a hat. After walking around on the hot pavement for awhile, it was getting to the point where getting out of the sun was going to have to happen. When he saw the hats in the tent, the super, light colored, ivory one was definitely appealing.

He took the time to stop and try it. Good. It fit. When he learned he could select a hat band that he preferred, he was definitely going to make a change. It had a band on it that he could tell would actually be too warm. He selected one that matched well with his shirt that day and he was looking mighty fine. Glad to get his picture. Onward he went with the others to enjoy more of the Sweetcorn Festival.

Adel IA

No Need to Go with a Big Hat

Making the rounds at the Hillsboro Arts & Crafts Fair, the daughter was making it a day with Mom. They took time to check out the hats at the tent. While the floppy hat had some interest, it was the fedora, with its more modest brim, that Mom wanted. Very pretty with her white hair and ivory fedora with yellow matching hat band, she was glad to pose for a picture.

Hillsboro KS

Mom Gets the Fedora

She was not passing on getting just the right hat for her family day at the Decatur Celebration. There were several fedoras to consider and she definitely knew the fedora was what she wanted. She found the pink plaid hat band for the black fedora that looked so good with the pink tie dyed shirt she was wearing.

Decatur IL

Do You Like My Hat?

The grandma saw the hats in Pella and had to get one. She has read the “Go, Dog. Go!” book by P. D. Eastman to her grandson lots and lots of times. She relayed fondly about their reading times as she shared she was going to ask him, “Do you like my hat?” the next time they are together.

Pella IA

Hat Bands

Make an instant impression with the hat band you select for your hat. Be it fun, fancy, simple, conservative, or coordinated. It can make a statement about things you like to do such as golf and gardening and even suggest the things you’re fond of like cats or dogs.

The hat bands come in two styles. The fedora band style is a simple band (press here for the fedora bands). The floppy band style is long enough to tie in a bow (press here for the floppy hat bands).


Can I Just Get a Hat Band?

Absolutely. The hat bands are sold individually. 


Can I Just Get a Hat Without a Band?

Sorry. No. We make the custom hat bands. That is the value add. So we don’t sell our hat without a hat band.


What About that Fastening Velcro?

I’m planning to use the hat band on my hat. It does not have any fastening Velcro on it. Will this hat band still work? Yes. Get the band the way you want it. Simply set the “Fastening Velcro Option” and get your band with or without the fastening Velcro.

Tony had a cowboy hat and he wanted to use it when he was cleaning up the rally site. I made a new boobs hat band for it and it worked great! See. These floppy hat bands work well on cowboy hats, too. Press here for the floppy hat bands.

Yes, custom requests for special hat bands just like we made for Tony’s hat are always welcome.

Tony R

Olathe KS

TR Boob Hat Band on Cowboy Hat

I’ll Take Two

The headwear looked appealing on such a sunny day. She said she really does not wear hats, but wanted to try a floppy hat. He could see she was giving it some serious consideration, but encouraged her to try a fedora instead. They settled on the hat and then came the time to select a band. They both really liked two hat bands and they saw how easy it was to change between bands as she tried them both. Happy to have finally settled on one and pleased with her hat, she posed for a quick picture and off they went.

Thinking about having only one, it wasn’t long before they returned for the second band.

Fremont NE

Traveling Light

Heading out for a trip, Shelly, had an idea. She could wear the fedora she got at a show and order some more hat bands to coordinate with the things she would be taking. She got eight more bands. Perfect solution for traveling light and looking fabulous! 

Shelly S.

Olathe KS

The Combination Works Well

At the SantaCaliGon Days, the gal was not a floppy hat kind of gal. She would have nothing if she had to go with a floppy hat. She was really, glad she found a fedora. It was much more like what she had in mind. 

Now, the bands were another story. She studied and tried them. They just were lacking something. She did not find any of them appealing. She asked, “Why can’t I get one of these band?” as she looked admiringly at the floppy hat bands. Yes, she made a combination hat that worked well. Just what she wanted. She selected the cutiest band for her hat. She was so pleased with her selection. She made sure her hat band showed well in the picture.

Independence MO

Variety Works

The first year she stopped by to shop at Wamego, she selected a flat cap. The next year, she stopped to report she loved the flat cap and wanted something new. She selected a nice, soft head wrap with speckles. The following year, on the first day of the Wamego Tulip Festival, she selected two hat bands for her floppy hat for a totally different look with the same hat and more head wraps. It was so nice that she stopped by the second day wearing orange hat band on her floppy hat.

Press here for the flat caps. Press here for the head wraps.

Wamego KS

Gift Hat Bands

The lady bought her floppy hat at the Wamego Tulip Festival.

The next year, her mom stopped by to check out all the new hat bands. She was drawn to those made out of the mesh net and the picture shows one of the pink bands that was on the rack. In visiting, she shared that her daughter truly enjoys her hat. Her daughter would be taking off to study in France and she wanted to get a new hat band as a gift. She selected a mesh net one in red. 

She liked shopping for a new hat band each year and reported the hat, with all the bands, has been around the world with her daughter.

Wamego KS

Popular Hat Bands

The mom found her hat and the daughter was happy to find a floppy hat that was just right, too. Oh, how pretty they looked together!

Early on the first day at that same Wamego Tulip Festival, a lady selected the same turquoise butterflies hat band with her hat.

Custom Hat Details


Hat Styles

Custom hats are available in two styles and the have Velcro to affix a hat band.

Fedoras have a shaped brim that curves down along the front and up in back. The crown is creased and its front pinch makes it easy to grasp to put the hat on and take it off. A distinct looking hat for casual and formal use.

Floppy hats have a round crown and a wide brim that provides shade for sunny days. 

Safari hats have a brim and a creased crown making it easy to put on and take off. Like the floppy hat, this hat provides shade on bright sunny days.


Are These Hats One-Size-Fits-Most?

Generally yes, but some are designed with a bit bigger circumference and that will be noted. However, they are slightly different and do vary in the circumference and crown depth.


How Do I Measure My Head Size?

Press here to learn how to measure your head. It will help in selecting the best size for you or to give as a gift.


Hat Band Styles

Hat bands come in two styles and they have Velcro to affix them to make custom hats.

  • Fedora hat bands inlude the band and a securing loop.
  • Floppy hat bands are long enough to tie and make a bow or just leave the ends long and drapped over the edge of the hat.

Can I Get More than One Hat Band?

Yes. The custom hat is paired with the first selected hat band. Order more hat bands now or any time. Perfect way to stretch your hat budget.