Wamego Tulip Festival had rainy cold weather on the first day and wind on the second day in 2023. The customers found some headwear that looked good and the following ones paused for pictures.

That looks like a hat that can be my gardening hat. She explained, “I’m retiring and this will be the perfect hat for all the things I’m going to be doing.” Yes, take a picture. My hair doesn’t normally have the blue in it, but I was told no one can retire without blue hair. So I definitely got mine done.

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Bucket Hat Customer

Wamego Tulip Festival

Bucket Hat Wamego 23
Welding Cap Wamego 23

She was out shopping with her friend when the welding caps caught her attention. The camouflage appeal of the welding cap and its flexible bill became a keeper for her. She liked turning the cap around to see the different looks the bill provided. Right after the picture, she decides to turn it around. Looked great with her curly bangs.

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Welding Cap Customer

Wamego Tulip Festival

The wind’s whipping through her hair and cool feeling morning air got to be too much for her. After careful consideration of some of the headwear styles, she selected a big do rag for its convenient easy ties and the coverage it provided her hair and ears that seemed best. The batik material that made it look pretty on her. They were happy to get a picture together.

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Do Rag Customer

Wamego Tulip Festival

Do Rag Wamego 23
Fisherman Cap Wamego 23

With all the hats to choose from and lots to try, it was the brightly colored plaid fisherman that became her keeper. On that cool rainy day at Wamego she immediately felt the woolen warmth working and really liked that.

Later she stopped by to say, “I was getting so many people coming up and complimenting me on my hat. When I was down at the food area the same thing happened. I told them where I got it and told them to come on down to your place.” She was so pleased with the attention and all the nice things people said to her.

The next day she came back with her mom so she could get a fisherman cap, too.

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Fisherman Cap Customer

Wamego Tulip Festival

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