Bob reached out about getting some more big do rags in a custom order. He selected the red IH tractor and a patriotic one this time. Took the picture of them as they were dropped in the mail. After receiving the notice of their shipping and tracking number with the picture he emailed, “Thanks again,    I just wear your product, You do nice work.”

After receiving them, he emailed, “Received do rags today. Once again great work. The tractor ones, have the first tractor on them that I ever bought and still own 40 years later.”

Bob F.

Eudora KS

BF Red IH Tractors & Wavy Flags on Black Do Rags

It was interesting to learn of his connection with the International Harverster tractor. I, too, have a connection with it that I shared in an email. “Very cool. Thanks for sharing about your tractor. I was a plant layout engineer in the International Harvester Farmall Plant in Rock Island IL. I helped put in their high rise storage facility and helped them put their last tractor on the line before the plant was closed. When I saw the material, I had to get it. The lady who has the quilt shop where I bought it in Topeka told me that they lived on a farm in western Kansas and at that time her husband was an IH dealer in addition to doing his farm work. It’s amazing how it is really a small world.”

Becky R.

Rawls-Riley Creations

Becky Cutting DEC22

Becky Cutting

It was when working on Bob’s do rag project that I was getting the making pictures for 2023.

International Harvester was started in 1902, when McCormick Harvesting Machine Company and Deering Harvester Company with three other smaller companies merged. 

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