Tony has a cowboy hat that he wanted to wear when he went to clean up trash at the site after the ABATE Labor Day Rally. He has used other caps, but they only had a bill. Those provide shade for his face, but does nothing to protect the back of his neck. The cowboy hat would definitely be better with its full brim for shade. As my spouse, he knows all about my headwear business. He wears lots of it and has been an inspirational source for some styles. He asked me to make him one of my custom hat bands to use on his hat and selected the boobs custom print from the Folies Headwear line. I happened to have a chin strap available so he add to the hat as well. It was a hot clean up day and he happily texted, “Hat worked good, never blew off once.”

Tony R

Olathe KS

TR Boobs Hat Band on Cowboy Hat
Fedora with Floppy Hat Band18

The floppy hat bands were originally designed and used as a means to customize floppy hats. Customized fedora hats were added to the line using with the same approach and those hat bands got redesigned to eliminate the bow. It did not take long for a gal to decide she wanted a fedora, but going with one of those fedora bands would not do for her hat. She selected one of the floppy hat bands for her hat. It looked fine and she was pleased to let me snap a picture. 

Now the floppy hat bands have become the most versatile band. They are used on all of the hats and can be added in the following ways.

  • Tied in a bow
  • Tied in a square knot with the bow and tuck in the rest of the tie
  • Ties in a square knot and tuck in the remaining ties

Get a floppy hat band along with a floppy hat or fedora from us or use it on a hat you already have. Check out these at the following websites: Floppy Hat Bands on | Floppy Hat Bands on | Customized Floppy Hats | Customized Fedora Hats

Yes, custom requests for special hat bands just like we made for Tony’s hat are always welcome. See some of the other custom requests by pressing here.

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Custom Requests

Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create something special just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email [email protected].

Press here to see about the custom headwear made for other customers.


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