“I was looking at pictures of a rally at lake Perry and I seen your booth. So I checked out your website. Im a motorcycle rider so the do rag will be used a lot when it warms up and I got the masks for my girlfriend and our daughter,” was the response from Travis when asked how he learned about my headwear. 

Travis S.

Great Bend KS

TS JstDuit Big Do Rag with Motorcycle

Travis has gotten several big do rags since he discovered mine and he got some of my other headwear, too. When he shared his pictures wearing his do rag it was neat that they included his motorcycle and car in the background. Big do rags are best when you need a little more room. It’s comfortable. With four sizes available, you’ll find a great fit that will be perfect for you. Check them all out at https://creativeheadwear.com/do-rags/ on the Creative site and for those wanting a uniquely different one visit the Folies site at https://foliesheadwear.com/do-rags/. Check back from time to time as new ones are being made and added to the sites and custom requests are always welcome.

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TS JstDuit Big Do Rag with Car
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