2020 DEC 3 – Ivy Flat Caps Released

With the release of some new ivy flat caps at the Kansas City MO Farmers Market came several interested people. Several caps were selected and off they went.

5 new ivy flat caps in soft comfortable flannel and a popular black corduroy are released and pictured below. Press here to check out all the flat caps.

Do check out the Folies Headwear line of ivy flat caps, too. Press here for those.

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Guy Green Plaid Ivy Flat Cap Market 110720

Stopped for an Ivy Flat Cap

He stopped when he saw the ivy flat caps at the Farmers Market and had to see which of the two would work best for him. He liked a homespun check and the green plaid. He said he has taken a look at these kind of hats at different places over the years and was very pleased to see me there with mine. It was the green one he went with and was very pleased to let me snap a quick picture.

Famers Market, Kansas City MO

Ivy Flat Caps Virtual Festival from Rawls-Riley Creations on 112620

Ivy flat caps are traditional favorites. They are featured in this virtual festival from Rawls-Riley Creations. Many are in soft comfortable flannels and corduroys that make them perfect for cooler weather days. These are fully lined and have a buckled slider on the back that makes these caps fit lots of people. It adjusts to fit Adult S which has a 21″ circumference and a 6-3/8 Hat Size through Adult XL which has a 24″ circumference and a 7-5/8 Hat Size. They come in a structured shape for those seeking a traditional look and a relaxed shape for a more casual style.

Where’d You Get That Hat?

It was the black and gray big check one in flannel that was a real draw for the teen. He came to the KCMO Farmers Market that day with his mom and brother and they were impressed at how the cap was perfect on him. They shared that they had a sister and another brother at home and would give it more thought on something for at least him. Off they went.

A bit later they returned with good news about how he was getting lots of, “Where’d you get that hat?” as he walked through the market. He showed them my business card and told them to stop by and check them out. The other brother found a plaid cap he wanted liked, too, and they got one for the brother who stayed home that day. The plaid one he got is pictured to the right.

Farmers Market, Kansas City MO

Ivy Flat Cap in Gray Black Grid Plaid on Ivory Flannel - left
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