Hair Bag Do Rag Worked Great for My Long Hair on Motorcycle Ride

“I was searching for something that would protect my long hair on the motorcycle. I was searching places like amazon, and not finding anything that would fully engulf my hair, this was disappointing. My boyfriend found your site and it was exactly what I was looking for!” That was the way Ashlei described her search and discovery of the hair bag do rag that she ordered.

Once the hair bag do rag arrived, Ashlei shared her pictures wearing her full face helmet and the hair bag do rag. She reported, “Thank you for the hair bag-do rag, I love the colours! I used it for the first time today on a two hour ride and it worked great. I’ve attached some pictures!  Thank you again!!”

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Ashlei V.

Redding CA

Hair Bag Do Rag Side AV
Hair Bag Do Rag Back AV