2020 MAR 29 Fancy Floppy Hat Bands Released

Making floppy hat bands fancy leads to expand the use of different types of material and interesting combinations. These hat bands may be put on a hat you already own or you can get a new floppy hat with the hat band. Press here for the floppy hats. Press here for these and all the floppy hat bands.

All headwear projects start with a piece of material and sometimes there is a bit left over. I hate to waste material and have a tendency to keep all those leftover pieces. Patchwork is the process of sewing small pieces of material together to make a bigger piece. It really does not require much material to create something new. These bands are made with material from headband, skull cap and head wrap projects.  For those interested in the headbands press here, skull caps press here, and head wraps press here.

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