2020 MAR 24 Head Wraps Released

There are new head wraps released today in various materials of rayon, chiffon, and cotton.

Press here for the head wraps. 

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New Head Wrap Prints and Colors

Sunflowers Chrysanthemums

Head wrap in sunflowers and chrysanthemums flowers in black and white sketch like design.

Pirate Skull Crossbones

Head wrap in pirate skull crossbones on black.

Brown Lizard

Head wrap in brown lizard on black.

White Polka Dots on Red

Head wrap in white polka dots on red.


Head wrap in navy dragonfly on blue and purple tie dye print.

Pink Lily

Head wrap in pink lily flowers on deep purple.

Green Motley

Head wrap in green motley print.

White Scroll Flower Rose

Head wrap in white, scroll looking flower and leaves in a delicate pen and ink like design on rose pink.

Route 66 Map

Head wrap in Route 66 on tan with red roads map.

Blue Peacock

Head wrap in red and turquoise peacock feathers on blue.

Gray White Marble

Head wrap in dark gray on light gray and white marble print.

Blue Turquoise Red Diamond

Head wrap in blue, turquoise, and red diamond on blue and white tie dye print.

Gold Column

Head wrap in gold columns on black geometric design.

Green Blue Curved Branches

Head wrap in green and blue curved branches on white.

Navy White Tie Dyed

Head wrap in blue, navy blue, and white tie dyed print.

White Line Flower Bouquet

Head wrap in white line, flower, bouquet on black.

Red White Black Gray Flowers Paisley

Head wrap in red, white, black, and gray colored and detailed lined flowers and paisley design.

Gray Flower Branch Batik

Head wrap in gray and white flower with dots and branch batik.

Orange Rust Flower Folk on Purple

Head wrap in orange, yellow, green, and rust flower folk art design on purple with silver.

Leaf Vine on Blue Lavender

Head wrap in leaf vine curls on blue and lavender tie dye print.

Flower Bands Rose Mauve Batik

Head wrap in a flower and bands pattern in rose, rust, and mauve batik.

Red Bandana with Circle Flowers

Head wrap in red with white and black bandana print with dotted circle around white flowers in the design.