2020 MAR 3 Headbands Released

There are new headbands released today in various sizes. Some of the headbands will fill a few gaps in some of the existing headbands. Others are new prints and colors that will expand the headband line. Based on listening to customers seeking just a scrunchie on hot summer days, the new one-size-fits-most headband that can be used as a scrunchie has been created.

Press here for all the headbands.


New Headband Prints and Colors

Headband in Ice Blue Moisture Management Alphatek Heather Jersey

Headband in ice blue colored, Alphatek heather look mid weight sanded jersey with MaxDri moisture management technology and MicroBlock anti-microbial finish. UV ray protection 50+ rated. 

Headband in Rainbow on Black Light Row

Headband in rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple on black with a light row looking design. 

Headband in Peach Knit in Slant Stripe

Headband in peach colored knit in slant with stripe pattern in mid weight. 

Headband in Gray Chain Mail on Black

Headband in gray chain mail on black design. 

Headband in Lavender Knit with Sheer Loop Stripe

 Headband in lavender knit with sheer loop in stripe pattern. 

Headband in Blue Pink Purple Galaxy

Headband in blue, pink, and purple colored galaxy design with planets and stars.

Headband in Lime Green Swirls Blue Purple White Paisley on Black

Headband in lime green swirls with blue, purple, and white paisley design on black.

Headband in Floral Mosaic Rose Paisley

Headband in multi-colored floral in mosaic layout with rose and paisley design.

Headband in Green Tan Brown Black Shiny Camo

Headband in green, tan, brown, and black colored camouflage with a slight shiny look.

Headband in Black Moisture Management Tricot

Headband in black tricot with 3M Moisture Management Technology, for its dry and cooling properties, with a RUCO-BAC MED Anti-Microbial finish.

Headband in Green Tan Camo with Words in Black

Headband in green and tan camouflage with words in black.

Headband in Turquoise Red Purple Green Yellow Black Chevron

Headband in turquoise, red, purple, green, yellow, and black colored chevron design with a crosshatch.

Headband in Green Blue Navy Palm Branches on Yellow Orange

Headband in green, blue, and navy palm branches and leaves on yellow orange.

Headband in Black Gray White Arrowhead Stripe

Headband in black, gray, and white colored arrowhead stripe.

Headband in Peacock Flower

Headband in peacock flower design in bright multi-colors that include fuchsia, red, turquoise.

One-Size-Fits-Most Works As a Scrunchie

If its a need to hold some wisps out of the way or a ponytail off your neck, the one-size-fits-most size headbands will be perfect. They are stretchy enough to work as a headband and flexible enough to work as a scrunchie.

Headband in Pink Fishnet with Stars and Scrunchie

Headband in pink fishnet with stars is stretchy enough to be one-size-fits-most size headband and may be used as a scrunchie around a ponytail.

Headband in Orange Fishnet with Stars and Scrunchie

Headband in orange fishnet with stars is stretchy enough to be one-size-fits-most size headband and may be used as a scrunchie around a ponytail.