Started the registration of the company, Becky Bags LLC,  with Kansas and the federal government on 9/18/09 and completed it a few days later making it official.

The registration process of a business with the state and federal agencies requires a bit of paperwork. The federal registration was done over the phone for my Federal Identification Number. I went that same day to Topeka to complete their registration process with the Secretary of State office and got that done, so the 18th was the official start date for the company. With regard to some of the sales registration steps, I did have to make a second trip to Topeka. Overall, it went smoothly and I would not hesitate to start a future business by doing all these things on my own.

Check out the following web sites for additional information:

Federal: – I did get the SS-4 form and completed it before I made the call so I was prepared This was a very helpful call and I took care of everything during the call for any related needs.

Kansas: Secretary of State office for the registration of the business Liability Companies for all forms related to an LLC. was used for the registration.

Department of Revenue office for the sales registration process . They were very helpful and I found I needed to do a bit more here, so I did make the second trip.