Face masks that provide basic protection and are made in Kansas City. 

These masks are available in two styles. The cheesecloth style has a breathable eight-layer protective shield that is edged in cotton with a pair of ties to secure it, is a one-size-fits-most size, and is washable for reuse. Cheesecloth was used for face masks back in the 1940s and is very breathable. The shaped style has a comfort breathing pocket for the nose and mouth, a three-layer protective shield, enclosed nose strip, is washable for reuse, and has elastic loops to secure it around the head with the option to request only ear loops. Available in adult and youth sizes. 

Face Masks 2+1

Kansas City made face masks that provide basic protection.

Face Masks in Virtual Festival

Rawls-Riley Creations created a Virtual Festival on face masks. Please check it out to see the masks at the show.

Available Face Masks

Check out the available face masks below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

The Kansas Trip

Heading to western Kansas was just going to be a quick trip out and back. With the COVID-19 virus threat just having appeared in Kansas it would serve as a means to stop in stores along the way to secure face masks for my family members. Alas, all the shelves were picked clean. Thinking about what might work, I secured some cheesecloth and after my return I made my first face mask. Those initial masks were sent to my family members. 

I’ll Take Two

A co-worker for one of my daughters was so glad to see her wearing her face mask, she waisted no time putting in her request for a pair of pink face masks.


Gardner KS

Basic Protection

So what is the basic protection these masks provide? Good question. Let’s address the matter.



Should I Wear A Mask?

If you stop to consider the situation even for a second, it is likely the time to put it on. It takes seconds to put on the mask and it will be a great first step when in doubt.


Stop Reminder

The mask on the face will make you feel different. It could make you curious to truly feel how it is to have a mask on. When you first put on the mask, no problem. Do shift the mask around for the position that you feel comfortable with the new thing on your face. Give yourself permission to touch at this time. Get familiar with it.

I like to think of this as the first time I walked a foster dog down to the neighborhood shopping area with the statues of little people. She barked and barked at all of them. It was a natural response. After letting her get up close to inspect them and smell them, she was content to simply walk past on the future trips.

Got it? Feel it initially and then ignore it.


Social Distance Awareness

When I first started wearing the mask out in public, I was amazed at the responses I got. What is the response when you see something out of the ordinary? Some people did a double look just to confirm what they thought they saw. Some simply could not hide their stare. Some even stopped in their tracks in surprise.

It actually made me first think maybe there was something wrong with me. I had my zipper zipped, nothing had torn, I did not have a bunch of frazzled hair, and I was not exhibiting some threatening actions.

It worked. The curious glances followed by a space yielding as I passed. As such, I responded accordingly.


Personal Control

In everyday life, we crave the ability to live normally. To go about our business with the ability to deal with the important and urgent while ignoring everything else. Statisics abound about the risks a typical person goes through in a day, on a trip, and over their lifetime. Dwelling on the risks will cause us to become paralyzed in fear or inspired to take action. It is within your control to put on the mask and proceed with caution.


Reduce the Emission Cloud

There will be times when you sneeze or cough. Everyone knows they should cover their nose or mouth when that happens, but actually in practice it never is a 100% compliance. Wearing the mask increases the likelihood that you acutally may be better at coverage.

The Center of Disease Control provides etiquette guidelines at https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/hygiene/etiquette/coughing_sneezing.html

Mask Protection Levels

Masks are classified based on the protection levels they provide. Always consider the situations you will be in to determine what will be best for your personal protection. 



Speaking Spread Barrier

These masks will provide a barrier to your mouth to reduce spread from speaking. See the new Center for Disease Control study information on community-spread of COVID-19 and cloth face coverings. 



Breathable Barrier

These masks will provide a barrier to your nose and mouth. They are breathable so you will more likely leave it in place.

Face Mask Details

Face Masks 2+1

Face Mask Style

The face mask covers the nose and mouth. It comes in two styles with multi-layer front panels.

The cheesecloth style is breathable with ties to secure it around the head and comes in a one-size-fits-most size.

The shaped style has a comfort breathing pocket over the nose and mouth with elastic to secure it around the head with the option to request ear loops only. Sizes available.


Face Mask in Red Black Rippled Grain

Cheesecloth Style

The cheesecloth one has a breathable cheesecloth protective shield in eight-layers, is 9″ wide x 7″ tall, and has ties to secure it around the head.

Face Mask in Yellow Gold Wavy on Black Tiger Like-front

Shaped Style

The shaped style is curved to provide relief below the eyes and a comfort breathing pocket for the nose and mouth. It has a three-layer protective shield. The nose bridge has an enclosed strip for a closer fit. The continuous elastic loop may be shifted for preference to secure it around the head with the option to request ear loops only.

Shield Size:

  • Youth -7-1/2″ wide x 4-3/4″ tall
  • Adult M – 9-1/2″ wide x 6″ tall
  • Adult L – 10-1/2 wide x 6-1/2″ tall

Placement Adjustment for Comfort

Face mask is secured around the head with paired loops. The cheesecloth style uses ties and the shaped style has elastic loops.

For the shaped style elastic loops it is possible to adjust them for a closer fit.  Simply slide the continuous elastic loop on the right side to reduce any slack along the top to the bottom and tie a knot in the bottom loop. 

***** N O T E *****
Sometimes people have a preference of around the head or around the ears loops. We’d like to work with you on the securing loops to provide you with the loops you prefer. To request these around-the-head loops that are on the face mask be modified into around-the-ear loops prior to shipping, please let us know by one of the following methods.
1 – Submit the request in the customer note when placing the order
2 – Send a separate email to sales@Rawls-RileyCreations.com indicating your preference


For the best protection, adjust as desired while making sure the mask will still always cover the mouth and nose.

Made in the U.S.A.

All of Our Face Masks —

Made in the USA

All of our face masks are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in the United States of America.


Easy Care

To avoid problems of having the cheesecloth getting caught during wash, place the face mask in a pillow case prior to washing. Machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent. Air dry.

The shaped ones simply machine wash and dry and iron as needed.

Custom Requests

Masks are pre-made on a very limited basis and listed here for purchase.

Reach out and let us know what you are thinking about and we’ll be happy to create a special mask just for you. Please call 913-397-8071 or email sales@Rawls-RileyCreations.com.

Face Masks Sales are Final

Face masks are such a personal item, they may NOT be returned for refund or exchange. These sales of face masks are FINAL.