Slouchy Drawstring Headwear

Go with slouchy drawstring headwear to get flexibility in how to wear the headgear and to maximize your investment. Wear the comfortable headwear as a slouchy beanie, ponytail hat, neck warmer, mask, hood, or just tuck it in to wear it as a tuck cap.

The basic, tappered, knitted caps have been used as outdoor, workwear since the 18th century. Drawstrings have been used to gather clothing since the 1800’s and in headwear they are used to adjust fit. In the 60s, hippie attire was all about being comfortable and headwear was adpoted as it was adapted to achieve the relaxed look. As a slouchy beanie, the drawstring is used to close the extended crown of the basic cap to get a relaxed look. This style combined the old things with a soft bill to improve the hats use on sunny days.

By using the drawstring on one end of the headwear, it is converted to a tube simply by loosing the drawstring. Slip it on as a neck warmer. Then, pull it up to become a mask to cover the neck and shield the mouth and nose. And, don’t ignore the possibilities of pulling it up into a hood to cover the top of the head and fully expose the face by tucking it under the chin. But don’t stop there. Slide the bill toward the back along the neckline and tuck the crown into the band for a tuck cap.

Slouchy drawstring headwear takes relaxed, comfort to several styles of headwear. Wear it as a slouchy beanie, neck warmer, mask, hood or just tuck it into a tuck cap style.


Size: Adult M | Adult L

Colors: Black | Blue | Brown | Gray | Green | Orange | Pink | Purple | Red | White | Yellow

Available Slouchy Drawstring Headwear

Check out the available slouchy drawstring headwear below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

Sisters’ Headwear

It was a fun time for the gals at the Apple Butter Festival in Mt. Vernon. They were drawn to the fisherman caps and had to try several of them on. The mustard colored one had a second try by the redhead gal.

They kept looking. The brunette preferred to stay with the basic, black and white, structured plaid once she found it amoung the slouchy beanies.

When the redhead gal saw how pleased the brunette was with her find, she began to seriously consider what she was finding. The third lady, who was their mother, was quick to encourage her to look those beanies over more closely. Oh, no, the brunette assured her, those wouldn’t do. With that, she directed her back to the golden biker cap.

Perfect. They gladly posed for a quick picture and the brunette shared, they were sisters as she threw her arm around her sister’s shoulder. They looked great together!

Press here for the available fisherman caps like the mustard colored one.

Mt. Vernon MO

It was good to see BarePhat in Independence KS at Neewollah. Brian had gotten a cap from us last year and Stacey shared that he wears it all the time. This year she wanted to be sure to find one she could use.

She stopped by to check a couple of times that day and kept coming back to the slouchy beanies. It was the flowered one that had an antique look in a soft velvet that would work for her. So pretty with her beautiful hair.

I snapped her picture and go it out to her. Her reply read, “Love, love this hat!!! So comfy and cool looking and fabric is beautiful and soft! Just feels great on. Thank you again.😊 💗

Really like the BarePhat myself and picked more at the show. Learn more about BarePhat at and

Stacey M.

Independence KS

Making the stop to check out all the hats at the Lone Star Rally with friends gave her a chance to see the newly releases slouchy beanies. She was pleased to have a picture snapped. The red flowers on black, velvet looked great on her.

Galveston TX

Multifunctional Slouchy Drawstring Headwear Styles

The slouchy drawstring headwear is quite versatile. With the drawstring closed, it may be worn like a cap. Open the drawstring and there are several more ways that it could be worn. The following are some of the ways to wear it. The multifunctional nature of the headwear makes it a good value addition to your headwear collection.

Slouchy Beanie Style

Slouchy beanies accentuate relaxed by extending a classic beanie crown with a drawstring closure for a baggy look. The beanie is a comfortable, relaxed style cap.

Ponytail Hat

With the drawstring closed crown, you can skip having to choose between wearing a cap or not. With the popularity of ponytails and messy buns, this beanie may be just the cap to let your beautiful hair free. Simply open the drawstring to slip the crown down around your messy bun or pull your ponytail through and tie closed. No worries about squashing your hair and having it push your cap up so high that it looks silly.

Neck Warmer

To wear the slouchy drawstring headwear as a neck warmer, perform the following steps.

  • Double knot the drawstring as close to the end of the string as possible. This will make the opening as big as possible and keep the ends of the drawstring from slipping back into the casing.
  • Slide the headwear down over the head with the bill toward the front and down toward the chest.
  • Fold down the drawstring top toward the inside.
  • Fold the bill bottom up and toward the inside.
  • Arrange the folds along the neck as desired.


Making a mask out of the slouchy drawstring headwear will establish a layer of coverage for the face and the neck. It will increase warmth in cold brisk winds. To make the mask, perform the following steps.

  • Double knot the drawstring as close to the end of the string as possible. This will make the opening as big as possible and keep the ends from slipping back into the casing.
  • Slide the headwear down over the head with the bill toward the front and down toward the chest. Take the headwear completely down over the head to rest only around the neck.
  • Slide the front up and position the mask as desired over the nose and mouth.
  • Adjust the mask along the sides and back as desired.
  • Leave the hair out of the mask or tuck it into the mask and retie the drawstring to secure the mask in place.
  • Leave the bill down for additional coverage to the chest or tuck it up and in along the front.


As a hood, the slouchy drawstring headwear will provide a layer of coverage for the neck and head. Perform the following steps to make the hood.

  • Double knot the drawstring as close to the end of the string as possible. This will make the opening as big as possible and keep the ends from slipping back into the casing.
  • Slide the headwear down over the head with the bill toward the back. Stop when the head is covered as desired.
  • Push the front of the headwear down and hook it under the chin. 

Tuck Cap

The tuck cap style makes the slouchy drawstring headwear into a cap that has the crown tucked into the band and the bill is worn toward the back of the head. Oh, got it. The crown being tucked into the band is why it is called a “tuck” cap.

Learn how to make the slouchy drawstring headwear into a tuck cap by pressing here.

Slouchy Drawstring Headwear Details


Slouchy Drawstring Headwear Style

Slouchy drawstring headwear has a band with an extended, drawstring closed, crown and a soft, rounded bill. Multifunctional, the slouchy drawstring headwear may be worn as a slouchy beanie, ponytail cap, neck wrap, mask, hood, or just wear it in a tuck cap style.



Ponytail and Messy Bun Hat

The drawstring crown closure opens to slip around a messy bun or pull a ponytail through. Just draw up and tie around the hair as preferred. Sets hair free from being shoved under the cap.


Functional Bill

The slouchy drawstring’s bill is not stiff and rigid. When the headwear is worn with the bill facing forward like a typical cap, the soft bill helps block any pesky sunlight and aids when pulling on the cap and taking it off. When the headwear is worn with the bill toward the back as in the tuck cap style, the bill shields the neck from sun burn or possible sparks when welding.


Sizes Available

Get a comfortable fit and feel. Get the coverage that works better for your preferences and needs.

  • Adult M has “22” on the label and is Adult M / Circumference – 22″ / 7 Hat Size
  • Adult L has “23” on the label and is Adult L / Circumference – 23″ / 7-3/8 Hat Size. Get this one if you are not certain what will be the best size. It is our most popular size.

Soft Warmth from Fleece Lined Band

The slouchy drawstring headwear that is designed for cooler weather will have a fleece lined band. Fleece is a good alternative to wool for its warmth when allergic to wool, sensitive to wool’s texture and it is a fraction of the weight of woolen material. In addition to the warmth from the fleece, the cap is soft against the skin. Check the description for this detail information.


Can I Tuck My Hair in the Tuck Cap?

Yes. Put hair in a ponytail, if desired. Roll the hair and tuck the hair into the band.

Made in the U.S.A.

All of Our Slouchy Drawstring Headwear —

Made in the USA

All of our slouchy drawstring headwear are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in the United States of America.


How Do I Measure My Head Size?

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Custom Requests

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