Hair Stocking in Orange Curl – Adult – Jeans Orange Tail

Hair stocking® in orange curl print with jeans and handcrafted, needlework tail. Size: Circumference 22″/ Adult M expandable to 24″ / Adult XL. Colors: orange,blue. Material: Print. Content: cotton.

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The hair stocking® material is cotton. Machine washed in cold water with a mild detergent. Machine dry on low or medium. Iron as needed.

Proudly made in the United States of America. Pricing includes applicable sales tax and shipping to Continental United States locations.

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Index: All hair bag® and hair stocking® do rags | Adult M-XL

The hair bag® and hair stocking® is a do rag with hair pocket that holds long hair out of the way. Seamless hair pocket conveniently stores hair low in the back along the hairline for a stylish look which avoids a hair pressure point when worn under a hard hat, helmet or other hat. Its tail is handcrafted. Its band is secured with narrow elastic along the back making it fit like a hat and the front has an absorbent lining providing comfort on hot days.

Hair Bag How To 3 Pictures

Hair Bag How To 3 Pictures

Minimize worries about loosing it to the wind when motorcycling, boating or joy riding in a convertible with elastic along the back of the head and around the hair that is doubly bound with the ties. Press here to see how it works.

Hair Stocking in Orange Curls with Jeans Needlework Tail - side

Hair Stocking in Orange Curls with Jeans Needlework Tail – side