Do Rag in Paws – Adult – Heart Weaving Tail

Do rag in paws with heart weaving, hand stitched, needlework tail. Size: Circumference 22″ / Adult M expandable to 24″ / Adult XL. Colors: white, black, red. Material: printed. Content: cotton.

Do rag band is secured with narrow elastic along the back and the front is lined with absorbent terry.

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The do rag material is cotton. Place it in a pillow case and tie closed when it has handcrafted needlework on the tail. Machine washed in cold water with a mild detergent. Machine dry on low or medium. Iron as needed.

Proudly made in Kansas City.

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Do Rag in Paws with Heart Weaving Tail - Adult - side

Do Rag in Paws with Heart Weaving Tail – Adult – side