Billed Beanies

Keep warmer billed beanies with fleece lined band and ear flaps feel comfy when it’s cold outside. Soft bill reduces irritating bright sunshine. Stow into a pocket so it’s ready for the next outing.

People began wearing beanies ages ago and the knitted caps became popular work caps back in the 18th century. These are work caps with the added protection from its bill and ear flaps. It is a warm cap, so if it gets too warm while working just roll up the flaps and keep on keeping on. 

Billed Beanies on 3 Heads

Billed beanies with warm fleece lined band and ear flaps


Size: Adult SAdult M | Adult L | Adult XL

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Available Billed Beanies

Check out the available billed beanies below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please press here to contact Rawls-Riley Creations for assistance.

Billed Beanie Creation

The billed beanie creation originated from my experimenting with the slouchy beanie. The slouchy beanie has a good fleece lined band with ear flaps, but the crown simply does not work for someone who says, “You know, when I’m shoveling snow it gets cold so those ear flaps would really help. Could you just make it just a cap?” I always begin a design based on trying to solve an issue and the slouchy beanie was to solve the ponytail dilemma. This person did not have a ponytail, but they did want a warm cap with ear flaps. They could not use a warm beanie because it does not have ear flaps. Thus, the billed beanie was made. This could be a just the cap you’re looking for, too. It comes in sizes so check them out and get your own billed beanie. 

Becky Rawls-Riley

Headwear Maker, Rawls-Riley Creations LLC

Slouchy Beanie Stripe BRR 21

Slouchy Beanie

The slouchy beanie cap was the starting point to the billed beanie. It has the warm fleece lined band with ear flaps and a soft bill. Press here to learn more about the slouchy beanies.

Beanie-Dark Gray-left


The beanie is a warm cap, but it does not have ear flaps. These come two ways. First, as a simple beanie with a double layer of fleece along the band. Second, the roll up beanie is longer and it has a double layer of fleece so when it’s really cold out roll it up and get four layers of warmth. Press here for the beanies.

Billed Beanie Navy White Check BRR 21

Billed Beanie

The billed beanie combines the warmth of the fleece lined band of the beanies with the bill and ear flaps of the slouchy beanie.

I had to try on the billed beanie once the design process was completed. I like the way it hugs my head. The ear flaps make it easy to pull it down along the back of my neck to a position that works well for me.

Becky Rawls-Riley

Rawls-Riley Creations LLC

Billed Beanie Becky 1121

Billed Beanie Details

Billed Beanies on 3 Heads

Billed Beanie Style

Billed beanie has a soft bill and ear flaps. Its band and flaps are fleece lined for warmth.


Functional Bill

The billed beanie’s bill is not stiff and rigid. The soft bill helps block any pesky sunlight and aids when pulling on the cap and taking it off.


Soft Warmth from Fleece

The billed beanie is designed for cooler weather with a fleece lined band and ear flaps. Fleece is a good alternative to wool for its warmth when allergic to wool, sensitive to wool’s texture and it is a fraction of the weight of woolen material. In addition to the warmth from the fleece, the cap is soft against the skin.


Ear Flaps

Soft ear flaps add protection and help shield out brisk winds. Easy to fold up when it’s not all that cold. It’s great for walking the dog, going to the game, shoveling snow and walking to school.


Sizes Available

Get a comfortable fit and feel. Get the coverage that works better for your preferences and needs. 

  • Adult S has “21” on the label and is Adult S / Circumference – 21″ / 6-5/8 Hat Size
  • Adult M has “22” on the label and is Adult M / Circumference – 22″ / 7 Hat Size
  • Adult L has “23” on the label and is Adult L / Circumference – 23″ / 7-3/8 Hat Size. Get this one if you are not certain what will be the best size. It is our most popular size.
  • Adult XL has “24” on the label and is Adult XL / Circumference – 24″ / 7-5/8 Hat Size

Made in the U.S.A.

All of Our Billed Beanies —

Made in the USA

All of our billed beanies are original designs by Rawls-Riley Creations. They are 100% made in the United States of America.


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