The accessories are made to fit various size heads and include several styles.

Do Rags

It’s all about practical when you go with a do rag as your choice in headwear. Do rags have absorbent sweatband and hat-like fit. 

Do rags come in several sizes: Size: Small Size | Regular Size | Big Size | Really Big Size

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Ear Warmers

Ear warmers provide protection by their double layer of fleece over the ears and they leave the top of your head uncovered. 

Ear warmers are available in sizes: Youth L-XL – 20 Label | Adult S – 21 Label | Adult M – 22 Label | Adult L – 23 Label 

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Face Mask in Yellow Gold Wavy on Black Tiger Like-front

Face Masks

Face masks provide coverage over the nose and mouth and provide a basic protection. These face masks are created with an eight-layer center of cheesecloth that is edged in cotton with a pair of ties to secure it.


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Hair Bag® Do Rags

Keep your long hair. Don’t cut it. Bag it to keep it cleaned, contained and out of your way with a hair bag® do rag. Simply put on the hair bag® do rag, tuck your hair in the pocket, tie and you’re good to go! These are do rags with a pocket on the back that will hold all your long hair.

Hair bag® do rag come in the following sizes:  Small Size | Regular Size | Big Size | Really Big Size 

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Head Wraps

Versatile and stylish head wraps are smooth and seamless making them easy to wear in several styles and very soft. The square head wraps are available in one-size-fits most size.

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Headbands that fit. Headbands are wide and made from stretchy materials for more staying power. An active lifestyle accessory. 

Headbands come in the following sizes: Youth S-M Youth L-XL Adult S Adult M

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Nomex® Heat and Flame Resistant Headwear

Nomex® provides heat and flame resistance to the headwear. Made with Nomex® fabric, the heat and flame resistant properties are only available with DuPont’s Nomex® brand fibers. 

Nomex® headwear comes in various sizes depending upon the headwear style.

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Sweatband in Eagle Figure on Navy-front right


Stay comfortable with a sweatband that ties on to help keep hair and pesky wisps out of your face and absorbs sweat. No worries about fit, just tie around your head and go.

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Visors for shade and breathable comfort with absorbent bands. Feel the breezes through your hair while containing the wisps with the band that stays put.

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