Becky Rawls-Riley

Becky Rawls-Riley in Pink

Becky Rawls-Riley in Pink

Becky Rawls-Riley is the entrepreneur for Rawls-Riley Creations LLC. The picture shows Becky on a day to wear pink in one of her hair bag® do rag. Press here for the hair bag® do rags.

Designer’s Statement of Becky Rawls-Riley

Becky Rawls-Riley has made things all her life. She learned to sew and shared the enjoyment of needlework with her Mother. She learned about entrepreneurship from her Dad who had a general family, doctor practice and her Mom who had a needlework shop. She was in the technology field for over 30 years and was an independent consultant during much of that time.

After a motorcycle trip to Idaho in 2009 with her husband, she was inspired to use her creative talents in needlework and textile arts. She currently designs and makes creative head-wear for all seasons.


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